Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 36-Alone

Today I'm Thankful For: Early winter nights.  Wow today was a doosie.  Captain E spent his time home from school tyring to determine which of his high pitched squeals I didn't hate.  Guess what, I dislike them all.  Gigi got in the makeup again but this time broke out all the blush and eye shadow, got it all over the floor and her pjs.  Then I spent a significant amount of time asking her not to walk on the back of the couch and finally sent her to time out.  This is when she said, "You are ruining my life!"  Nice.  Peach fell and cut her mouth.  She took a ten minute nap.  She only ate dinner when I was holding her.  At 6:50 I was tired, so I put the kids into jammies and sent them to bed.  Luckily is was dark and they thought it was time to go to sleep.

Today I didn't:
-finish the dishes.
-finish cleaning the house.

Today I:
-put the Christmas Tree up.  We didn't put any ornaments up, we're waiting for Thanksgiving but it makes us happy just to have the tree up.
-talked my husband out of Arizona, he's in on his way to New Mexico.  Yeah us. 

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