Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Random Stuff From the Week

G bear said to me this week when I was calling her for bed, "Mom, can't you just give a girl a break.  I'm trying to get my leg warmers on.

 Peach is always ready for a photo moment.  I love her hair so much in a bob.  Yes I miss not being able to braid it or put it in a pony tail but it is so cute!

 The girls were not super excited about the 7 layer bars I made...don't know why they were upset.  I wanted to eat one SO BAD!
 Cheetah got to one of the last surviving pairs of headphones.  My mother-in-law says she'll bring me a couple of unused pairs kicking around their house.  Apparently they don't have a headphone eating monster there so when they get new iDevices the extra headphones just sit around.
 Cheetah has been really congested and was having a super hard time breathing.  Daddy doctor gave her a breathing treatment at 2 in the morning.  She was completely irrational and very ungrateful.  That is love, taking care of someone even when they are made at you for doing it.
 Cheetah loves Cheedar popcorn.  She also loves pistachios.  I think she is a salt nut!
 Took the girls to Costco to get nuts and coconut oil.  They were out of ALMONDS and COCONUT OIL!  How is this even possible.  The girls got pizza.  I had half of Cheetahs slice.  When I went to program it into MYFITNESSPAL I found out those slices are 700 calories.  Thank heavens I only ate a half :)
 How Cheetah feels about church.  I'm sorry but going to church with four young kids is hard.  Especially when one of your children is a tiny tornado.
 Then here is the after.  We now have one o'clock church so we don't get in the car to come home until four.  Not really the ideal time to fall asleep, but this is pretty much every Sunday now.

I need to remember this site for a craft I'm I'm going to use this blog to hold my spot.  It's my blog...sue me :)

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  1. Cute Headband! I want to make one! I need more headgear for my baby girl :) Thanks for saving it here so I could see it too :)



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