Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day Traditions

I am the tradition girl.  My parents gave me a little something something on Valentine's Day so I like to give my kids a little something something.  Usually it is a tiny box of chocolates and some pencils.  This is not a second Christmas.  A girl on a board I'm on mentioned she'd spent 100 dollars on gifts for her daughter.  I didn't say anything there because we have a be nice rule but I'm going to say something here.  Are you crazy????  I want to mark the day and let my kids know I'm thinking about them, but I don't want to set them up with any greater consumption souls then they already have.  Stuff doesn't bring happiness.  No reason to give that myth any more air time.  Cheetah and Peach ate their chocolates for breakfast.  Captain E and Gigi took theirs to school to eat with their lunch.  Cheetah kept yelling happy chocolate day!  They were happy campers.

For dinner we did our annual fancy v-day family dinner.  This year we had roasted petite carrots, stuffed mushrooms, baked potatoes, and steak.  My kids LOVE steak!  Even my children who prefer to be 90% vegetarian go crazy for the stuff.  Can you believe I never had a steak until I got married?  This one was delicious!  We has pizzokie for dinner which is just cookie dough cooked in a pie dish.  It gets crispy on the outside and says gooey on the inside.  Then you dump ice cream on top!  Devine!  The kids love this dinner!  They totally get giddy about the sparkling cider and they didn't seem to mind the fact that we didn't eat until almost eight and that we didn't dress up this year.  Sometimes having a resident daddy puts kinks in your plan but we try to stay as true to our family traditions as we can.  Dr J and I both love this one.  It is nice to have an excuse to eat yummy food and it is nice to not be out with half the couples in the neighborhood.  That kind of crowding is outrageous!  I'd rather hang out at home :)

Here we are.  Getting older every day.  Dr J in "no person on the planet has ever looked sexy scrubs".  Queenie me with frizzy hair and no bra because sometimes when you are going to be home alone almost all day there just doesn't feel like a point in putting one on ;)

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