Thursday, January 6, 2011

eshakti review

A friend of mine posted a site eshakti where you can customize clothing, length, sleeves, arms, for a minimum fee.  They also let you order clearance items with no customizing for 35% off.  I need a formal dress for Dr. J's graduation.  The last one I went to the girls looked like they'd walked out of a fashion magazine.  So a fancy dress is a must.  Finding a fancy dress with sleeves that goes below the knee is extremely difficult.  Prom, homecoming, a wedding...believe me I know.  So this seemed like a great possibility.  I read mixed reviews about the site so I decided to test it out on a clearance dress before I had something customized.

The box the dresses came in.

 Wrapped up in tight in two bags.
 The dresses.  Ok so here is the weird thing...they are made out of sweatshirt.  I talked with my sister about this and she says that is the popular thing right now.  Seeing as she is tons hipper than me I'll take her word for it, but I found it a little creepy :)  As weird as it is I liked the cut of dress number one, but I'm unsure of the length.  Believe it or not I don't have a full length mirror, a necessity to know if it is long enough.  So I'm a little torn on it.  The Orange one though...that one is going back.  I love the bow that goes with it.  I like the cut.  I adore the color.  I dislike the sweatshirt material.  The main problem smells like cat pee.  I put it on and was instantly assaulted with a yucky smell.  Weird detergent, icky perfume.  I finally decided it smelled like cats.  Ick!  Definitely going back.  Will I try it again?  Right now it literally is a mixed bag.

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