Thursday, August 6, 2015

So I Haven't Blogged In More Than a Month

 People who were paying attention would know that is because my family just underwent a monumental move for us.  We didn't have to sell everything we owed and move to another continent (you know who you are friend) but we did have to pack everything we own and move across country.  After 12 years of living in the midwest (8 years in Urbana, Illinois and 4 years in Indianapolis, Indiana) we finally had the opportunity to move back to the west.  We now live in Idaho.  Our third I state in a row although I'm fairly confident this will be our last.  Idaho was an ideal location for us.  It borders Utah the state that our parents and most of our siblings live in.  It also is a stopping point for my sister who lives in Washington and is much closer to my brother who lives in California, and more importantly it is in the west again.  Coming west again for me was like coming back home.  I've never lived in Idaho before but the mountains, the tumble weeds, the dry heat, the farming, the irrigation, these are things that are deeply ingrained into the background of all my childhood memories.  All of them.  With the exception of a short respite in Kansas as a child I spent almost all my life before moving to Urbana at the age of 22 either in Arizona or Utah.  The west is part of who I am and to return to it after all these years, well it just feels good.  It also is amazing to live so much closer to family.  I've lived here a month and I've already been out to see my sister.  She's coming this week and then I'm planning on heading down to see our parents next week.  This never used to happen when we lived in the midwest.  Every trip was at least two days of driving or almost 2000 dollars between plane tickets and parking fees. 

The job here is also awesome.  We moved to Idaho because Dr. J had finished his residency.  When we were looking for jobs our one requirement was closer to home and so every med/ped job in the west we would scout out.  There were a couple that looked interesting enough to apply to and they were all interested in J enough to want to interview him but when then job came up I insisted J call them right away.  It seemed perfect for what he wanted to do.  So far it has not been a disappointment.  It is what he wanted to be doing and almost more importantly everyone he works with is just super nice.  The perks at the hospital are great.  The money is great.  His boss is awesome.  His NP is a hoot and her husband is an excellent cook.  We are very happy to be here and unless something changes drastically are glad to make Idaho our forever home.   

 This was at a work meeting at J's boss's house.  He lives on 60+ acres and has a small family farm.  They had their meeting and then family was invited for a BBQ.  The kids loved being on all this farm land and one of the highlights of the night was when Richard (this is the boss) brought out tons of gravel for the kids to look through...gravel containing uncut sapphires.  My kids now think he is the coolest things since Grandma Sycamore Bread.  He also happens to have an oil you know all those uncut geodes and fire eggs we have.  Soon enough they will be cut! 
 First day in our rental house.  Love the set up, love the location, not loving the olive green color or the fact that the yard is sort of a disaster.  The first indication of this was the plums that are everywhere.  I don't know if you guys know this about me but I always thought I wanted fruit trees at my house.  Now I'm not so sure.  These plums were everywhere and every day I'd make the kids go out and pick up plums with me.  It was a daunting task and honestly there were just way too many to ever eat and I had zero interest in plum jelly or especially in making plum jelly right after I moved into my house.  No thank you.  This particular day I'd combined three of our grocery sacks into a white garbage bag and then into a heavy black one.  Imagine my surprise when the two garbage bags broke and plums went everywhere.  It looked like I had murdered someone and I may have screamed my dismay a little.  Luckily I was able to get them all cleaned up again.  This has prompted me though to get some professional help on the rest of the yard.  Everything is so overgrown and the lawn is full of thistles.  After three weeks of trying to battle it on my own I finally called a professional.


  1. You're just living it up in all your vowel states: Arizona, Utah, Illinois, Indiana, Idaho... :)

    I'm so glad you're liking it so far, even if it means you might have to learn to make plum jelly (or whatever one makes with plums). Fruit trees are soon time consuming. My mom, though,says it's fine on a lot of land because then you just let the fallen fruit compost right back into the soil.No problem. But in an urban setting? So much work!

    Glad you're back in the blogosphere!

  2. So glad to read that things are going well since your move - except for the plum mishap. That's a neat picture, though!

  3. What Nancy said! Growing up on a farm, the fruit trees were sitting in plowed soil. My dad would till the fallen fruit back into the soil. No mess, no problem. Our house in Orem, though! Five fruit trees and MESS EVERYWHERE. Fruit trees growing in lawns...not so great! So keep that in mind for when you buy your own home--it is great to have fruit trees, just not as a part of lawn-ish landscaping.



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