Thursday, August 27, 2015

New Calling

I got a new calling yesterday.  I sort of knew it was coming.  When our neighbor the bishopric member came over and asked if he could give me a new calling I knew what is was going to be.  I taught a CTR class as a sub a few weeks ago.  They were waiting for the new teacher to be called.  Apparently they said no because my new teaching that same CTR 4 class with Dr. J.  The class is actually pretty nice...considering the age ;). I am in need of an attitude adjustment though.  Right now I'm pretty bummed.  It isn't that I mind primary.  I actually enjoy it, but primary is pretty much a death sentence when if comes to meeting people and after only making it to two relief society meetings in this ward I would really like to meet people.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy we moved.  We are so much closer to family, the job is great, I can't look at my bank account and not smile but I am lonely. Really lonely. I had amazing friends in Indiana, church friends, gym friends, neighborhood friends, and my mops friends who honestly were like my family away from family. It is hard to replace that kind of companionship, and being shipped off to primary this early in the game just makes it a lot harder.


  1. I'm sorry you are lonely! Is that 4th grade or 4 year olds? Maybe you can meet their parents. Do y'all have a women's Bible study group that meets during the week? When we moved churches a few years ago, it was nice to see the new church offered those ways to meet others. Any other MOPS groups? -- hey, maybe you can start one! :)

    1. It is four year olds. They actually are rather nice...I just wish I could have had another month before I disappeared ;). There are lots of night activities for the woman it just seems like J is working a lot of those nights. I should look for a new mops group but it is hard to be the new girl friends versus putting yourself out there. Sometimes those are tough choices.

  2. That exact thing happened to me when I moved to Pennsylvania, but I only attended relief society one week and it was the 8 year olds, but I didn't have a co-teacher. Some of the primary people became my friends by default. It actually took about a year and a half to feel like I had friends in the ward - my friends in Illinois were so great. I know this isn't helping you at all, but my advice is to hang in there - sometimes it takes time to make friends and you are such a great person I'm sure you are bound to make great friends in no time.

  3. Start a little relief society interest club, like a book group or something. I have learned that sometimes you just have to jump in and be a go-getter, even if it isn't in your nature! Also, I love primary and I think the kids are lucky to have you and Dr. J!



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