Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Catch Up - Some Things We Do for Fun

I bought this bounce house off amazon last year for $75.  It had been marked at $150 and I was able to use cash back to pay for half of it.  It seriously is one of my favorite items ever.  We pull it out at every party and the kids love it.  We also pull it out on cold winter days.  Anyway they love it.
 We also occasionally do some art here...oh wait is that what you call it.  Cheetah really gets into her finger painting!
 Speaking of Cheetah we have a baby nudist on our hands.  More often than not I find her running around naked.  She is a crazy little girl.  She can take off pants and shirts.  She can undo onsies.  She can take off panties and diapers.  She can also put almost all of these items on herself but she rarely does :)
 While Dr. J was on his October break he joined us on a play group to a apple orchard and pumpkin patch.  They had these crazy little tire swings in a barn.

 They also had a cute little petting zoo.  Can you tell my girls like goats.  This is the second time in less than six months where I've posted pictures of them loving on goats.  I seriously wish we could own some...although it would help if I liked goat milk....which I don't really, so maybe it is for the best.

Captain E really gets a kick out of carrying his sisters around on his back.  Mom secret number 39, I don't mind one bit!  One less kid I need to carry!
 Who needs a baby backpack when you have shoulders.  Our kids have enjoyed many sights from this loft perch.  It is one of the reasons I most enjoy having daddy tag along.
How do we measure up to Mr Apple and who is King of the Mountain.
 Enjoying a hayride down to the pumpkin patch.
 Family shot at the Pumpkin patch...notice we picked up a few extra girls.

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