Saturday, February 23, 2013

Natural Born Tapper

This year we put Peach in dance.  It is Saturday and because Dr. J is always working I have to take all four kids with me.  Gigi and Captain E spend their time running around with other kids, watching the big ballerinas through the window, commenting on when Peach isn't behaving, and squabbling.  Tiny T is not surprisingly much more of a handful.  Recently I've just come to sitting in the hall with her and watching her walk back and forth.  Today while Peach was in ballet through a series of head shakes, pointing, and grunts Tiny T asked me to put Peach's tap shoes on her, and then she was off.  She headed right over to the hard surface floor and started stomping.  What do you think, do I have a natural born tapper or what?


  1. So cute! Totally a natural. Funny how she just knew where to go to get the best sound out of them. I can't believe she's WALKING already!

  2. Love it!

  3. that is so funny! such a smarty pants she is!



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