Monday, February 4, 2013

Bunk Bed Ladder

This weekend Dr. J and I put the girls bed up into the bunk.  They've been begging us to do it ever since they  saw their cousins bed was in a bunk and I figured it would be good prep for the step of moving Miss Cheetah out of our room and into theirs.  I knew the ladder was going to be a problem eventually but I didn't realize it would be a problem immediately.  Then I came into the room and found all three girls on the top bunk.  "How did SHE get up here?" I asked the two oldest.  "She climbed," they told me.  But I was a bit skeptical.  So I decided to film it.  Turns out she did climb.  Silly little baby.  15 months old and she is such a tiny tornado (12 months if you still are using her adjusted age :( )

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