Saturday, August 16, 2014

Crater Lake Park - The Volcano we did get to hike on

Crater lake is another little park/lake by lake Naivasha.  I think it cost us 4000 shillings to get in, so almost 50 US dollars for all seven of us and the car.  Leading up to the volcano and lake is a little game reserve.  These were all animals we'd seen before but it was still some great views.  We also saw warthogs mating.  Try explaining that to a 5 year old.  Be thankful I have no pictures of that.  At the top of the rim is a fancy little hotel.  You walk in past a bunch of skulls, climb down a bunch of rock steps and you are down at the lake in the middle of the volcano.  The lake is pretty small but they say it is exceptionally deep.  There was some politician giving a speech in the fancy restaurant looking out over the lake and one of the managers asked us to take the kids down by the lake for a few minutes while he finished up.  Crater Lake wasn't my favorite part of the trip but it was the one place where we finally saw flamingos.  Down by the water, behind a really old boat we finally saw four flamingos.  I don't know if they were old or sick and had been left behind or what, but there they were.  They let us take a bunch of pictures of them.  Then while we were looking at some monkeys in the trees a huge folk of flamingos flew over us.  We chased those flamingos later in the day.  Koash brought us back to all the lakes and we asked if they'd spotted the flamingos landing.  We never did find them so let's just be grateful for the four we saw.  After we checked out the crater we went back to the car where the kids found some chameleon and then also some tiny lizards.  Cheetah insisted Dr. J pick one up, then a second.  We then headed to the rim of the Volcano.  Gigi found a jaw bone on the way.  She ended up leaving it at the hall of skulls later.  At the rim my entire family wanted to stand right on the edge.  It freaked me out but no one fell so I guess we are all good.    

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