Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Couple of Books I Read While My Phone Was Missing

So while my iphone was missing I had some time to read, and guess what I found, remember the blog where I named the reasons I don't read anymore, well it turns out the main reason I don't read anymore is my iphone because I'm too busy watching TV on it, or playing games, or looking at facebook, because in one of the two weeks I was without a phone I read four books.  Four books, which is more than I'd read probably in three months.  So there you go.  No iphone, I read a ton, iphone, I don't.  So here you go...

Salt - Maurice Gee
Product DetailsIf you like young adult fiction, you might consider this one.  It's another one of those magic, civilization at war, two people from different groups falling in love kind of books, but I enjoyed it.  The romance side was a little weak, and I think they may have had sex at the end of the book, seemed kind of the way guys write romance, but the story was fairly entertaining.  Sort of reminiscent of Ship Breaker.  Of the two Ship Breaker was definitely my favorite but this was an easy quick read, and if I recall the authors first book, so not bad.

The Edge of Nowhere - Elizabeth George

Product Details
So Elizabeth George is one of those authors I've probably been reading for over ten years now.  She is an American but most of her previous novels are mystery and involve the main English character Inspector Lynley.  Now I'd be lying if I didn't say I was sort of in love with Thomas Lynley so this jump of hers into adolescent fiction was a surprise.  Maybe she wanted to write about someone American for a change, or maybe she was looking to score some of the Hunger Games/Twilight teen fan love, but this showing just didn't do it.  Becca King is a mind reading on the run from her step father, living on Whidbey Island, near Seattle.  She's has a crush on this kid named Derric and even though she can read minds, doesn't really effectively use that skill to solve the crime of how he ended up in an accident.  It just sort of drags.  Neither the love story nor the mystery are particularly engaging.  Not so bad I didn't finish it but bad enough that I didn't really feel like finishing it.

The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope - Rhonda Riley

Product DetailsThis was my favorite of the three offerings.  What genera would this even be, historical, sci-fi romance.  Is it even possible for something like that to exist?  So in this story Evelyn Roe finds an alien while spending a summer alone on the family farm.  She saves the creature and it becomes her mirror image.  They fall in love and the creature eventually shifts into a man who names himself Adam Hope.  The story pretty much just follows their lives.  It deals with adult themes like sexuality and marriage, but a least for me a lot of it felt like sitting in the kitchen listening to my aunts talk.

Desert Angel - Charlie Price

Product DetailsThis is another girl on the run book. Angel is 14 years old when she witnesses her mom be murdered by her boyfriend who is a crazy pyscho child abusing tracker.  She takes off running and he follows.  Attacking and torturing anyone who tries to help her.  It is fast read and gets your heart pounding.  A little bit suspenseful for a young adult book.

Finally I didn't finish this in the non phone week, but I did just finish it.

Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo

Product DetailsThis is of the Grisha Trilogy I'm currently in the middle of.  The first book was Shadow and Bone.  I really liked it.  It is a typical magic and the destruction of civilization, throw in some will they won't they romance young adult series but they are quick reads and I like the silly stories.  I guess I just like getting carried away in the will they won't they.  In this book it got a little bit ridiculous because all the sudden there are new interest, but I'm still on board and am bummed out I have to wait until 2014 to find out the end of the saga.


  1. Awesome, now that you are reading you should come to book club =)

  2. It isn't the reading that keeps me from is Dr J being home. It seems like he is always working!



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