Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Foot Fetish

I hate feet, have a major aversion to them.  I can't tell you when it started, it seems like it's always been part of my psyche.  I can't stand the way they look, feel, or smell.  Just thinking of someone touching me with their feet makes me retch.  When I was in college I remember sitting around watching conference with a bunch of my roommates.  At one point one of my roommates fell asleep on the floor.  A friend was over and started brushing her purple painted toe-nails through my roommate's hair.  That image seared itself in my brain and to this day gives me nightmares.  Dr. J still won't let me live down the fact that when we decided to get married I made him take his socks off and show me his toes to make sure I could stand sleeping next to them for a life time and more.  My main problem, while I wish I could avoid them my mind instantly makes a little file of all the feet I see, skinny long toes, white bloated feet, yellowed toe nails, hair, my mind insist on memorizing them all.  It makes the beginning of summer a difficult time for me, all these white, soft feet hidden away for a whole winter are suddenly trust on the world...a terrible time for me to be sure :) 

Speaking of feet, "A Day Without Shoes" was freezing, I mean just so cold.  Just the week before it was 70, April 5th I was running kids to school in 32 degree weather.  Thankfully it warmed up fast!  I realized my feet are pretty darn wimpy, baby soft.  Walking to the car was fine, driving fine, taking Gigi into preschool not so feet started to hurt.  Can you believe it?  Only my second stop and I was thinking, man where are my flip flops?  The concrete, asphalt and gravel were tearing them up.  Sometimes I forget how cushy, comfy my life really is.  I am warm, I am full, I am protected, I am lucky! 

Dr. J and I are always looking for new things to watch on Netflix and this movie we stumbled upon by accident.

"Waste Land" documents an amazing project by the Brazilian modern artist Vik Muniz.  Modern art isn't my thing.  I want beauty and technique, if I'm stuck looking at something mundane searching for meaning I'm out, but Muniz combines both beauty and meaning.  His concern for the aesthetics as well as the message are clear.  At one point he talks about what lead to the creation of these sugar children, it was something that spoke me on a deeper level.
Vik Muniz, The Sugar children: Valentina, the fastest; Jacynthe, loves orange juice; Lil Calist can
"Waste Land" is incredible.  I've found myself pondering on the lives of the people, struck by how amazing all of God's children are.  If you have a chance you should check it out.


  1. I love feet, as long as they're clean and belong to females. I think they can be beautiful, cute and sexy.

  2. I like feet I don't mind licking them from Heel To Toe and jacking off all over them.



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