Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Children's Museum

When you have four kids museum and zoo passes are definitely the way to go. With ticket prices for adults close to $16 and kids at $10 it isn't hard to see how three visits can make a yearly pass pay for itself.  When we first got here we bought a pass to the children's museum.  Just this last month Grandma bought us a pass to the zoo.  It's a great way to get out of the house with the kids and you don't have to feel guilty if you don't stay long because every time you go actually makes the pass cost less per visit.  Today we went to the museum with some girls from church.  Friday we are going with some girls from MOPS.  The week after thanksgiving I'm going with my friend Jessica.  I love being able to use my pass! 

Peach loved being in this dog house.  She told the family when she grows up she wants to be a puppy.  Captain E told her it wasn't possible.  
 Rosie on the rocks.
Peach climbing under the sea.
Rose and Kate on an adventure!
She kept running away...
...so I put her in this basket.  She was not happy.  
 Carousel ride with our friends H and J.
 R on the carousel.
 This is like my favorite picture of Peach this week.  It feels like something you'd see in a National Geographic about trying to grasp at a dying type of entertainment...I don't know I didn't get to watch TV as a kid.  NG was my favorite entertainment.
 Rosie was not so impressed with the ride.
 Crazy mirrors.  Look at our heads!
 And our short legs.

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  1. Fun times! And no kidding about the passes. Out here it costs like $5 more to buy an annual pass than it costs to get in anywhere... :)



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