Monday, November 5, 2012

Flu Mist

I'm always a little skeptical about what to do when it comes to the flu shot.  I mean I hate the flu as much as the next person and if there really is a way to prevent it I sure would like to, but I just am not a 100% sure the flu shot actually does that.  The kids hate shots as well, which is why three years ago we got our kids the mist.  It was just a few days later that Captain E had the full fledged flu.  Dr. J and I thought it was rather unfortunate he happened to catch the flu right before he got the mist and decided it must have just been a coincidence.  Two months later Captain E got his second dose of the mist.  He got sick again, and this time he missed seven days of school.  Dr. J and I decided we were never going to do flu mist again with him.  Three days ago though I found myself once again having to contemplate this decision.  I was at the doctor's office with Peach and Cheetah and the doctor was going over the list of shots.  The doctor mentioned that the whole family should get the flu shot to reduce the chance of us getting it because as a preemie Cheetah is especially susceptible to respiratory problems, so much so that the insurance company is still willing to pay the over $12000 that four doses of Synagis (an antibody that helps decrease the affects of RSV) would cost.  So the doctor says to me, "you know you should all get the flu shot."  At that Peach perks up because this girl does not want a shot.  The doctor says, "Well why don't you try flu mist."  So against my better judgement we went with the mist again.  Guess who didn't want to go to preschool today, who is now running warm, and who know has a runny nose....  Sure maybe Peach just happened to pick something up around the same time, but my money is on the mist!

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