Sunday, November 18, 2012

What to do with $30 in iTunes Gift Cards

For my birthday my mom gave me $30 in iTunes gift cards.  I have my iPhone and I use it for everything.  I read books on it.  I listen to music.  I use it when I run.  I have apps for parenting on it.  Health apps.  I have games for me and games for the kids.  What should I spend my money on.  Please give me a list of the apps you love, the games, the music, the books, the stuff you can't live without.  The stuff you find yourself using the most.


  1. I use Awesome Note all the time, I think Bank of Mom is fun, and Scott and I play Plants vs. Zombies.

  2. Atticus likes Chipper, which is about exploring the outdoors. Also, there are long but not memory heavy videos, so he can watch something when there is not internet, or I guess watch something without using data on the iphone.



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