Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting A Security System Installed

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A month ago we got a home security system.  Dr. J and I had talked about it several times after we first moved in but always decided it just didn't seem like a necessary expense.  I did think about it often though.  Dr. J works a lot of nights, and while he is gone what I consider my night owl status becomes full out insomnia.  I will stay up entirely too late for a person who is suppose to get kids ready in the morning.  I will jump up at every little noise.  I will leave lights on all over the house.  I will sit in bed with the phone in my hand.  I will look in all the closets and under all the beds.  I won't sleep.  As a general rule I'm tightly wound and my anxiety is definitely exacerbated by him being gone.  Still though we have avoided the security system.  Then last month I woke up to screaming.  I turned to Dr. J, "Did you hear a lady screaming?"  "Yes," he said as he rumged around for his glasses.  I jumped out of bed and looked out the window and saw a guy in front of my neighbors house kicking the daylights out of a guy laying on the ground.  I called the cops.  "Um, I don't even know if I should be calling you, but there is some guy kicking another guy who is laying on the ground.  Is that something I should call in about?"  The lady took my info and cops were there within five minutes.  "I'm calling about getting a home security system today,"  I told Dr. J as I watched the cops out my bedroom window.  "Sounds good to me," he said.  The next day we were set with a big sign in the front yard declaring our new secured status.  I feel a little ridiculous and reactionary, but I'm not going to lie, while I still might not sleep as well as I should when Dr. J is gone, I definitely sleep a little better.


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  1. I'm there with you, Crys! You know, being a little paranoid about home security...



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