Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving With Family

We haven't had Thanksgiving with our families since the first year we got married.  After that we moved away from home and we always saved our travel money for Christmas.  Now Dr. J is either working or only gets the day off.  Shesh people, can't you be considerate and plan your hospital stays around the holidays :)  This year his attending offered to work the day so Dr. J could be off.  For weeks I went back and forth on whether to invite anyone over.  I love my friends and I love spending time with them, but in the end I decided that since this day was also the only day Dr. J was going to have off in 14, I really just wanted him all to myself without having to stress out about cleaning the house up, or how the food would taste, or where to sit everyone.  So maybe next year I'll get it together and do a big shindig at our house, but for this year it will just be the six of us.  I'm looking forward to a day where dinner will be when the turkey comes out of the oven, and it will probably be late because people here are going to be sleeping in.  The floor will be messy but no one will be able to notice that on facetime.  The entertainment will be Brave, which I picked up while shopping for yams yesterday and a couple rounds of Bananagrams.  We will be calling family, facetiming with my mom and setting up our Christmas tree.  We will not be travelling, shopping, or stressing. My deepest thanks to the Attending who made this all possible!

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