Friday, November 30, 2012

Young Matt Damon...I Figured Out Why I Love You :)

So I have a major Matt Damon crush, undeniable, over the top.  I like to tease my husband there is only one man on the planet I would ever leave him for and that man is Matt Damon. Three or four years ago Matt Damon came to a film festival we had in town.  It took pretty much all the self control I have to not stalk the man.  Celebrity crush, embarrassing, I KNOW!  A couple of nights ago while Dr. J was reading I started watching Good Will Hunting, which was the first movie I ever saw Matt Damon in.  I hadn't seen the movie in years, in fact the last time I watched it, I only half watched because I was distracted by snuggling with my new boyfriend, Dr. J, a detail that might seem totally irrelevant except this time I realized as I was watching that young Matt Damon looks a heck of a lot like young Dr. J.  Below I present a few examples for your viewing pleasure.  (Don't worry Dr. J, though it pained me to do so I left the topless pictures out :)  It gave me a good laugh and it made me realize probably my love for Matt Damon has a lot less to do with his abilities as an actor and a whole lot more to do with the fact that he reminds me of my husband, a man I've been crazy over the top in love/lust with for the last eleven years.  Today is the anniversary of the first time Dr. J and I ever kissed.  It was his birthday and when he asked me if he was going to get a birthday kiss, I laid one on him that pretty much sealed the deal for both of us.  He likes to tease me he was only asking for a birthday peck but I say if you're going to do something, do it right!  Plus who gives birthday pecks?  Pecks are for friends or sometimes just brief acquaintances from foreign countries, grandpas with scratchy cheeks, grandmas with soft squish cheeks, and babies.  Pecks are not for hot boys who make your chest burn with a smile, your heart rate jump at a glance, and who even eleven years later can make your cheeks burn with a phrase.  I don't know when I knew I wanted him to be mine, maybe the first time we ever talked, but I knew pretty early on, and sometimes you only get one shot at these things, so when he asked for a kiss I wanted to give him one that let him know that casual flirtation on the way to class wasn't all I was interested in :)  I love you Doctor J.  Happy Birthday.  You are the best gift I ever received in my whole life.  I hope I have been the same for you.  As for young Matt Damon, you are still my favorite movie star.  

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