Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Do You Remember When The Whole Family Took a Bath Together?"

Captain E asked Gigi at the table today.  "No" she said, "When was that?"  "Um, that never happened," I piped in, "We are a family of six, how would we all fit in a tub together?"  It wasn't when we had all the kids." He says, "It was back when we were just me, you, Gigi, and dad."  "That never happened," I told him.  But the thing is my face was getting a little red because actually I did have this nagging little memory of sitting in a bath tub with all four of us, Captain E would have been about three, Gigi would have been a few months old.  In fact the more I pull at the thread of this memory, the more starts to percolate into my mind, and I can actually see the ordering in which we were in the tub.  "No!" I say more firmly, shaking my head for emphasis and to force the memory out, "That did not happen.  Even if there were just four of us, how could four people fit into a tub?"  "Well," he says, giving me a once over with his eyes, "We all use to be a lot smaller."


  1. That is so funny!!! Leave it to a child to remember and make it sound so logical in his head.

  2. Just came across your blog while looking for a way to get crayon out of some laundry (joy!!). Your posts are cracking me up. :)



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