Monday, November 19, 2012

Sick Babies

 I've got some sick babies in my house.  My two youngest have been running fevers for three days.  They've been sort of low grade fevers and in the absence of any other signs of infection we've decided to only treat them for comfort reasons.  The saddest part, their waking hours are a nightmare.  Peach is being a real peach pit.  She pretty much has only one volume and it is yelling.  She has only one personality, and it is bossy.  Unhappy days to be sure.  The upside, girls that never ever nap, are napping many hours away.  Would I want my children to sleep all the time normally?  Heck no, it would get boring and make it ridiculously difficult to do any errands.  In this last little few days before Thanksgiving though, it is sort of a welcomed relief, time to mop, time to vacuum, time to fold laundry, and make pies.  Plus after all the hours of holding a sad baby, and begging a whiny toddler to use a slightly quieter voice with a please, it is a little bit of a relief to have a few minutes to myself.  Which is why I'm going to end this blog right now and go watch some Parks and Rec before anyone wakes up.

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