Friday, November 9, 2012

I Heart my iPhone

Did you hear about the plummet in Apple stocks this last week?  Steve Jobs is dead, a major inventor left the company,and more and more competition is coming from the wings.  Apparently investors are worried Apple might not be able to continue to hold it's "it" status forever.  This is honestly why I hate the stock market, sure it's a great way to make money, but it is also a great way to lose it, because let's face it, no stock, no company is going to be able to stay on top forever.  Just ask a company like Blackberry.  When I was a kid my mom owned a car that payed 8 tracks.  When cassette players came to be we thought they were great because they were half the size.  Then cds were even better.  Now I look at my cds and wonder if I should toss them.  My kids think they should be played in the DVD player.  And lets talk about DVDs.  I can remember when people actually would rent a vcr from the video store.  Now all my friends have Blueray.  Personally I'm avoiding the whole thing because I think it will be all digital all the time soon enough.  My point is, products come and products go, few companies can last forever, and while the stock market might be a great way for companies to raise capital and may be the only way to have your savings keep up with inflation I personally hate the stock market because its fluctuation often are reliant on rumor, it forces companies to do things that are not necessarily good in the long term in order to appease share holders at the quarterly reports, and someone always loses...really someone always does.

But I got a little side tracked here, what I wanted to talk about was my iPhone   A few months ago I had had it with my phone and my service.  We were spending almost $100 a month just for texting and calling and that wasn't making me happy.  Dr. J and I talked, researched, talked, researched, balked at the prices, and talked some more.  Finally we decided to join my mother's cell phone plan which would put our bill at about $100 a month for talk, text, and unlimited internet.  Thank you sprint family plan.  We also decided to go with iPhones.  My mom asked me if we wanted to wait until the five came out.  We decided not to.  I don't regret it and I still love my phone.  The five looks awesome and I'm definitely pushing my sister that way, but when you are still using a slider with no internet, any iPhone is amazing!  I previously had a iTouch and all my apps transferred over.  I can use my phone as a gps.  I love the camera and the video camera.  For the most part I've completely stopped taking my big camera anywhere.  My favorite app is Instagram.  My next favorite is hulu plus.  Yes when I'm folding laundry I like to listen to a little Jon Stewart to keep me motivated.  I listen to NPR while I'm walking through the store, and I have a Padora station I've dubbed "run faster" playing while I'm at the gym.  There are games and movies on my phone to entertain my kids while we are at appointments.  Living so far away from home I love facetime, that's pretty much the only way I've even gotten to see my new niece, and it's how I plan on talking to my family over the holidays.   I love using the headphones to make phone calls so I don't have to hold anything while I'm driving.  Siri and I don't always get along but she can usually call my sister without too many problems.  If I need to check my facebook my phone is always at my fingertips (as if anyone actually needs to check facebook :).  I went to the store recently to make a return and the sales associate couldn't read the numbers on the receipt.  No problemo, I just pulled up the original receipt on my e-mail via, you guessed it, my phone.  I keep track of my exercising on MyFitnessPal.  I keep my kids artwork on Artkive.  I love playing scramble with my mom and my friend Scott.  Dr. J was carrying his phone, his itouch with all his med apps, and his pager around.  Now he just has his phone and pager.  Pretty much I love my phone!  The only thing not to love, the amount of time I certain doctor spends playing a ridiculous elf/dragon game...but then that is more a problem with said doctor rather then the device :)



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