Saturday, November 24, 2012

Good Jobs Come At the Price of Time

What do you think of this eye.  Seriously how many times am I going to have pink eye?  I've decided I have a chronic staph infection that just keeps rearing it's ugly head.  My husband says I'm just having recurrent eye infections.  No one else gets them though and while they are exceptionally painful I guess I should be glad they don't last too long.  I asked the doctor if they have anything to do with the cornea scratch Peach gave me over a year ago.  He says no, but the truth is I don't believe him.  I put this picture here because when you are the wife of a doctor the world doesn't stop for you just because you are sick or in a little pain.  Good jobs don't come cheap, and my part of the bargain in this good job is that I am it when dad is working all his crazy hours.  I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

 I recently read a blog post of a friend where she said that her husband was going to school so that they could make a lot of money and have more free time and I just sort of chuckled to myself.  I know a lot of people who think that going to school will lead to good paying jobs and more free time, but my experience has been that very rarely do good paying jobs come with lots of free time. Now the opposite is definitely true, you can bust your buns for a job that doesn't pay so well, but there is no guarantees that more school (and student debt) is going to give you more free time.  If you want to make good money, you are going to pay somehow.  In medicine that cost comes in money and in time.  And so since dad spends most of his time at work mom spends most of her time being THE PARENT.  I have a dream job.  At least I have one that I enter when I'm doing my security check online.  Sometimes I think about that job.  There are many things I would like in it, and quite frankly many things I would hate.  The one thing it definitely would not guarantee me though would be more free time, because the thing is, work is work and if you want to make good money you are going to have to work hard :)

With a four day holiday weekend mom has been scrambling for things to do on cold fall days that will keep older children from fighting with each other.  Yesterday we amused ourselves making star crayons out of the nubs we have laying around.  My friend Nancy had seen this on pinterest and decided to give it a try.  Unfortunately she started her microwave on fire when she put metallic silver crayons in the mix.
 Pealing the crayons took a good amount of time.  We learned that Roseart crayon wrappers come off easy but Crayolas are a major pain!
 We then cut the crayons into smaller pieces using a pair of scissors and the kids put them in the silicon pan, mixing the colors they wanted.
 We started them out in the microwave but after three minutes nothing had happened.  I went online and read that it took half an hour which I guess makes sense since they wouldn't exactly have a high water content in them.  That was just too long so I stuck them in the oven at 200 degrees for five minutes.  Hurrah, they were melted!

 We took a break to eat pie for lunch.  After all this is a holiday.  
 Then we popped the crayons out.  The kids love them and it was much less eventful then Nancy's crazy kitchen fire.  
We then had plenty of more time to spare so we set up the Christmas Tree.  

 Cheetah found it and adores it.  I find myself constantly picking ornaments up and putting them back on and she has already broken one of the bottom branch.  It will be a long December.

Today we went to swim lessons, did a little Christmas shopping, and then we put lights on the house.  My life makes me laugh sometimes.  I have a huge fear of heights so this was not my ideal job but if not me, then who.  So I got up on that silly ladder and got them up.  The kids ran around the base of me yelling out suggestions and telling me there were cold.  Now I'm letting them watch too many movies.  So I need to finish this post and get back to my job.  After all, Dr. J is on call tonight so it is up to this parent to fix dinner, do the night routine alone, finishing the laundry, get my Young Woman's lesson done, get a backdrop for young woman in excellence finished, clean up the house, take the kids to church alone, do all the meals, and craziness together and then hopefully tomorrow night dad will be able to be with us when we eat dinner.  It's not called a job because it's easy :)


  1. Goodness, I don't know how you do it!!! I don't get that much done EVER and my husband is home every night. You are pretty awesome.

  2. I found the oven to be more efficient as well, with the added bonus of being able to melt metallic crayons without starting kitchen fires. :) I also like the idea of cutting the crayons with scissors.

    I love the tree; I love the kids.

    Life is just always busy and complicated, isn't it? It just never goes away!!!

  3. What a happy day for the kiddos... not like my brood... Christmas was always such a grumpy affair for some reason!

  4. Pie for lunch, now that's my kind of lunch! I do a science demonstration where we melt crayons and compare the result to igneous rocks with my class... and yes... the best part is how long it takes them to peel the crayons.



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