Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Is My Favorite Season

Fall is definitely my favorite season.  By the time Fall rolls around I'm always ready for the cool down.  Growing up in Arizona it wasn't a season I had much experience with but since moving to Utah and then to the Midwest I've definitely enjoyed my fair share.  What is there not to love?  The leaves change into non leaf colors Red, Orange, Yellow.  Hello beautiful!  The leaves fall to the ground.  Hello perfect place for kids to play and a great background for pictures.  The temperature drops and you get to pull out all your sweaters and boots.  Wardrobe changes are the BEST!  Some of my favorite Holidays are in the Fall.  It starts with my mother's birthday, then mine, then Cheetahs, next Halloween, the anniversary of when Dr. J and I started to date, Dr. J's birthday, and then Thanksgiving.  Before you know it Christmas is here and I weigh ten pounds more.  It is three months of "Let them eat cake!"  I love it!!!!  So pretty much Fall rocks, with the one exception that Fall means winter is right around the corner, and pretty much the only thing I like about winter is Christmas :(  Oh well, just have to enjoy these pictures while I can!
 What is with this girls hair.  "Mom I can't see!"  Then here we go with eight pictures of the kids and not a single one has all four looking and smiling!  I have four beautiful children with tons of personality but capturing that in one single picture...almost impossible :)


  1. Well now I am homesick. I love fall too! Only today I was out in shorts and t-shirts and it was hot. I miss having seasons in the midwest. All our friends are picking apples and going to pumpkin patches. I have four kids too, and can relate to trying to take a picture!

    I hope you will considering linking your blog up with other medically minded blogs this week at Medical Monday's blog hop. It's a lot of fun:-)

  2. I think the third one is the best! Sadie grinning towards the others, it's adorable!



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