Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 2012

A little after noon and the members of this family have already gone and voted.  Dr. J had to deal with a little bit of a line, I just walked right in, filled out my sheet and was done!  I don't plan on staying up all night to agonize over the electoral count.  Instead I hope to just wake up tomorrow and find out who won, fingers crossed that that information will be known tomorrow.  Before the outcome is known though, while I can't be accused of sour grapes or gloating can I just say here are things I wish for for future elections....

-Direct elections versus electoral college elections.  We have the ability to be informed now and the argument that candidates would just hang out in the big states just doesn't work for me because as is I was starting to forget there were any states out there besides Ohio, Iowa, Florida, and Colorado.  People they already don't move.  I just think people would actually be more excited about voting if they knew their actual vote counted even if they lived in a state like Utah or Illinois.
-Primaries all held on the same day.  I'm getting a little tired of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, and Florida getting to make the choice for most of the rest of us, plus the way the primaries are run it forces people to the extremes of their parties which is ridiculous because the truth is most of us live in the middle. 
-Less money spent on elections...and no more election ads.  They estimate that when it is all said and done something like 6 billion dollars will have been spent on this election.  What a waste!  I say have three debates, a couple of spots on public television where the candidates can introduce themselves and their plans, some amazing websites where you can read about the candidate and their "actual" plans, and that's it!  Make it easy to get the information but let's be realistic about the fact that campaign ads are not information!
The end....I've got nothing more to say, except if you haven't voted, get out there and vote.
Look at Adele trying to photobomb our picture.  So rude...I mean just because you have more facebook likes than either candidate....:)

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