Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Preemie Life - Day 33, Growing Up

 Did I mention yesterday that my daughter weighs five pounds?  Well she does, five pounds, one ounce.  She has gained 2/3s her birth weight.  I was looking at her today, marvelling at how much she has changed in a mouth.  She is still tiny like you wouldn't believe but she looks like a real baby now, not just a little doll.  She is also doing so much better with her nursing.  Yesterday afternoon I was so frustrated I wanted to quit.  When your baby stops breathing it is so scary and the fact that I'd caused that, well it just had me really nervous.  I talked with the lactation consultant and she asked me to pump for 2 1/2 minutes before I put her on so the let down wasn't so strong.  She said, "mature breast like yours.. (this made me laugh for whatever reason...I guess I just haven't outgrown junior high) often let down very quickly."  And so last night after getting the ok from the resident to add a second feeding I went back to the hospital to try again.  This time I pumped first and when I put Cheetah on she nursed for 5 minutes and then feel asleep, no Brady's, no choking, just good nursing.  Then today at the noon feeding I repeated pumping first.  Cheetah nursed for thirty five minutes.  She was so successful that the nurse decided not to give her any of her ng feed.  I'm hoping for repeat success tonight!  It is amazing how much she is growing...just in case you think she might be getting too big for her britches though...

 Turns out she's still sneaking out of her clothes...and this happens to be a preemie outfit that her Grandma Jane sent her.  Cute outfit but I'm guessing it is going to fit for a bit longer :)

Cheetah isn't the only one growing here.  Dr. J had a birthday as well.  Being the overextended wife that I am I didn't get around to get the present I know he wanted and I planned to get :(  I did manage to give him a gift I bought last year but forgot to give him.  I also got two movies we loved this year during Black Friday sales.  We made a cake and ate some ice cream.  It wasn't much but we did want to recognize the man.  I love my hubby.  I like to tease him, he might not be perfect but he is perfect for me!  Happy Birthday to my sweet hubby!  I love you so much least five ironed shirts worth :)

 On the home front I managed to get the Advent Calendar up.  It is definitely looking like Christmas here and I'm getting excited.  Most of the Advent stuff is crafts and I found that my local dollar store had most of the supplies I need for cheap!  I also replaced some of the cards with activities like, going to look at lights, reading the Christmas story, or having a Christmas music dance off.  Definitely excited to try to have some more fun in this house!  It's about time if you know what I mean.

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