Saturday, November 12, 2011

Preemie Life - Day 15

We had our first snow of the year.  When we went to pick Captain E up from school all the kids were out on the side screaming and jumping with excitement!  It made me wonder, when did I start hating snow.  Granted there are kids out there that hate the cold and wet, but it seems like by the time they hit school age most kids adore a good snow day.  Meanwhile parents are overwhelmed with kids who are stuck home out of school, roads that are twenty times more hazardous to drive on, wet tracks in and out of the house, the dreariness of the early nights and overcast days, and just the general discomfort of bone chilling cold!  But since just writing that made me depressed lets focus on these cute little pictures of Peach and Gigi i the backyard.  They did come in later to get coats but then headed back out to continue to eat snow off things like swing and the mat.  Yes it was disgusting.

On the Cheetah front today we are two weeks old.  Here is a nice little comparison to dad's hands so you can get a good idea of how big she is.  Since birth she is up to 3lbs, 7 ounces, so almost a 1/2 pound heavier then two weeks ago.  She also has grown 3cms from 39cms to 41.  She is no longer on any oxygen, she's been moved to a new isolet that doesn't temperature regulate her, she can now do that on her own with blankets and clothing and she is receiving all of her fluids and calories through her ng tube.  Yesterday we were told they've officially moved her to feeder grower status.  She still needs to outgrow her brady's and apnea's.  But supposedly/hopefully/let us all pray she'll have outgrown that stage around 36 weeks, because she can't come home until she's had five days without any incidents. 


  1. I love the shot of her looking at her/daddy's hand. :-) So alert!

    I can relate with the snow thing. I've decided that I like falling snow, but snow that stays on the ground forever loses its charm. I still get a little bit happy to look outside and see the air thick with white, though. Especially on holidays! :-)

  2. I think Gigi and Rachel have the same boots this year!

    I'll be crossing my fingers for 36 weeks! :D

  3. She is looking fantastic! I am so excited that you are just to the feeder stage! It is a great place to be this early on. Preston came home 4 weeks before his due date--- so there is hope! I betcha she will do it!



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