Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Preemie Life - Day 12

 Today was a sweet day!  Cheetah now weighs 3 lbs 7 ounces.  That means that since Sunday she has gained almost half a pound.  I talked with the NICU doctor today and she said that tomorrow they will take the PICC out and then we will really just be moving into getting fatter and breathing on her own.  They still won't let me attempt to nurse her until she is 34 weeks.  Something I personally take issue with since I feel very strongly about wanting to move her successfully to the breast as soon as possible, but they worry about her aspirating, which honestly would be a really tragedy since it could open her up to infection.  And truth be told she's still having quite a few brady's with just her pacifier so who knows what a nipple would do to her.  I want to do what is best for her but sometimes it is difficult to be patient.  Maybe my daughter is more like me then I realized!  I'm still not completely sure how it will all work once Grandma leaves but I'm sure we will figure it out.  Or I guess we will have to figure it out?  That is life right :)

Yesterday was the day of Jessicas!  I came home from the hospital to a package with these sweet little clothes in it.  My good friend from grad school, Jessica, sent Cheetah her first clothes.  They are so tiny!  Can't wait to get my little one home to wear these cute little outfits.  She also sent cartoon socks for the other kids and they were so stocked.
 Then in the late afternoon we went over to my friend in the neighborhood, another Jessica, and she took these beautiful pictures of my children.  I mean just beautiful!  How she did this is a small miracle.  We were out there for probably only fifteen minutes before it got to dark to see.  Gigi was refusing to open her eyes.  Captain E was being a major goof, tackling his sisters, doing a grimace smile, and spiting all over the place.  Peach wanted to spend all her time holding hands with Jessica's twin girls, who are almost the same age she is.  Still with all the craziness she got these beautiful shots.  Amazing are they not? She is a seriously amazing!

Believe you me I can't wait for little miss feeder/grower to come home so Jessica can come by and capture some nifty family pics and the "newborn" shots I so hoped to get after my perfectly uneventful 40 week pregnancy.  Haha, funny how life doesn't always follow your plans!


  1. Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous.

    And it sounds like #4 is doing GREAT! I love to hear good news like that. :)

  2. Your kids are darling! Wish I could take pictures like that! So glad your sweet girl is growing big! Hooray!

  3. Wow, your friend is a good photographer. Those pics of E, Gigi, and Peach really capture their personalities and cuteness! Peach reminds me of Flo here. I'm glad to hear Cheetah is doing so well. <3



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