Thursday, November 17, 2011

Preemie Life - Day 20

Sleepless Nights!  Every parents has them.  They start the moment your day time/night time confused, I must eat every two and a half hour newborn comes home and just don't apparently end.  You have kids who need to wake up to go potty, a toddler with nightmares, a young kid with insomnia, kids keep you up.  The worst though is sick kids, and I currently have a houseful of them.  There must be something going around because it seems like there are tons of kids throwing up around here.  It started with Peach.  Three days ago she started barfing all over the house.  Then there was a day of nothing.  Then yesterday I get a call from Captain E's school.  Turns out he was throwing up at school.  It didn't stop then.  I had a Young Women's thing to go to and when I got back my mother-in-law told me Peach was throwing up again.  I went to bed and that was the end of it, because my mother-in-law is an angle.  Apparently last night Captain E was up from 1-5am begging for stuff to drink that he would then promptly throw up.  And then at 1-3 Peach was in bed with Grandma...kicking, screaming, pulling hair.  Finally she said to Grandma, "Grandma get out of my bed!"  At which point Grandma decided it was time for Peach to go back to her own bed.  I woke up at 5am to pump.  That is when I saw Grandma.  She looked so tired, bags under the eyes, pale face, crazy hair.  I saw a reflection of what I probably usually look like to other people.  What would I do without Grandma!  Grandma L is leaving on Saturday.  She's been here five weeks.  What would we have done without her?  We have great friends out here but with a new preemie in the family, with bed rest, with an unplanned c-section we have found ourselves with so many needs.  Grandma L has been the miracle to fill our needs.  We are so grateful for the time she's been here, for the care she's given us, for the love she's shown to our kids, and most importantly for the sleepless nights she's taken for us :)  We love you Grandma!  We will miss you so much when you are gone!!!!


  1. Your m-i-l is SUCH an angel. I know I wouldn't have survived post-birth in Egypt without my m-i-l and I didn't even have any complications, so... :) Hurrah for wonderful mother-in-laws! :)

    And hopefully you escape the throw-ups soon!

  2. Yeah, WOW. I don't know many grandmas who would volunteer for throw-up duty. I am so glad you have such a great person to help you out during this hard time.

  3. Mother-in-laws ARE amazing! And my kids have had the stomach bug too... on top of a cold/broncitis. I don't think they've interacted so I hope it wasn't from them. Alison threw up at 2am last night, after not throwing up since Sunday morning... (when grandma was here thankfully!).

    When we get feeling better at my house, I'd love to help you guys out. :)

  4. Your mother in law must be the most amazing woman. Wait, I Already know it.



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