Saturday, November 19, 2011

Preemie Life - Day 22

My daughter is official 3 weeks old.  Since her birth she's lost 33 percent of her birth weight and now she's gained 33 percent of her birth weight.  That's right my daughter is over 4lbs now!  She also is receiving over an ounce of breast milk in her feeds every three hours.  Apparently passive eating works for her because she is gaining weight like a champ.  She doesn't like to be hungry either.  The worst part of her day is the fifteen minutes before feeding time.  She cries and her heart rate goes high.  She starts smacking her lips, hitting her pacifier, rooting around like a mad women.  The girl does not like being hungry.  Remind you of any of her relatives :)  It really is hard to believe that at this exact moment three weeks ago I was sitting on a bed in triage, fear filling my heart as I watcher her distressed heart rate, confusion over what the pain in my uterus was clouding my mind, Dr, J's blood drained face my own personal centennial.  We've come so far from that moment.

 Look at this daddy, doesn't he look a lot less stressed.  We don't get to see our daughter nearly as much as we want but I come every morning and Dr. J comes every night after work.  We can't wait to bring her home but until then this is what we have to do.
Look at my cute little hat.  Now that I'm older my mom can bring my own clothes from me.  Every little bit of "normal" we can get we will take.  
 A baby on my chest and the laptop on my lap.  Yes I've been watching a lot of Hulu this week.  GRIMM is my favorite!!!!
 Gigi made this Turkey at school.  Throwing up went through our house this week.  It started with Peach, then Captain E started barfing at school, then I threw up.  Lovely!  Meanwhile little miss G who puts everything in her mouth didn't get it.  Is she just immune to everything now?  Well let's just thank the Turkey and move on.
 So Grandma Linda is leaving today.  We couldn't have made it without her.  She has been a true angel.  We made this little necklace for her with Cheetah picture and the kids made a card.  It is no way equals what she has given to us but we wanted to just let her know we are thankful for all her love and care!  My laundry and floor will never be the same without her :)  We will miss Grandma!!!!!

 Grandma's wanted to visit Cheetah one last time before she left.  Poor women, here for five weeks but because of illness and all of her kid watching this is only the third time she's gotten to see Cheetah, and only the second time she's gotten to hold her.  I hope it will be enough.

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