Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preemie Life - Day 18

 So we've moved!  Cheetah is now stable enough to be a member of the progressive nursery.  With this achievement comes a set of new digs and a new piece of bling.  The room is actually quite spacious.  There is a pull out couch if we want to spend the night.  A bathroom for our family.  Our own chair for skin to skin care, and a huge TV that is 25 times better then the one I had in the maternity ward along with a DVD player.  Seeing as Cheetah has watched zero movies so far I'm assuming the TV is for me.  There is also a cute little table with mini chairs which due to RSV season have absolutely zero chance of being used.  The resident yesterday came in and said, "Too bad you had to have this baby now during this season, otherwise the kids could have come to visit."  Sometimes I actually get angry but I'm saving that for another post.  I actually really enjoy the new room, there are just a few things I don't like.  This little foot shot shows just a piece of it...above the glowing red light that measures O2 saturation rates you can just see a gray band.  That band holds on a tracking device.  Yes my baby is essentially on house arrest.  Unfortunately the little baby alarm is huge!  I predict that by the end of our time here my sweet little baby is going to have quite the chaffing mark.  Also I'm a little concerned on how effective the monitor actually is.  The nurse told me, so if the monitor just falls off (I mean after all we are talking about some of the tiniest little legs and feet I've ever seen) just stick it back on.  So I guess technically someone could come in here, pull her monitor and sneak her out of here....hmmm, something to keep in mind for a few weeks from now.  If you hear about a crazy mom who gets arrested for stealing her preemie from the hospital, well you'll know who it was.

 So these pictures make me so sad.  Cheetah was doing the cutest thing, cuddling with her hands under her face...of course when I took the picture and she started.  Oh well.  Part of having a baby is trying to capture everything.  Enjoy

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