Thursday, November 24, 2011

Preemie Life - Day 27

Thanksgiving when you boil it down to it's very basics we are talking about a holiday where we thank Heavenly Father, and one of those most basic things to thank him for, survival.  Obviously this turkey didn't survive this year.  Each day we make it I thank Heavenly Father we made it through just one more day, hopefully a day that is bringing us just one day closer to having our baby come home with us.  Today we got to enjoy a little bit while we were surviving.  This morning I went in and saw Cheetah, and said hi to the nurses who got stuck working on the Holiday.  The lame thing about medicine, people are sick on the holidays.  And so I had to thank all those people who had to take time away from their family to take care of mine.  I then rushed home to be with the family while we put the Christmas Tree up and make mash potatoes to take to my friend Andrea's house.  She invited us to join her family and her sister in law.  So fun!  Two seven year olds, three five year olds, one three year old, two two year olds...two md/phds, two attorneys, one speech therapist, one teacher and was such a blessing to have a place to go where we just had to show up and be feed and entertained.

Cheetah and Nana!

Some mirror fun!

Look at Cheetah in her Cheetah pants!

And so in conclusion we are surviving....Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 


  1. She's big! (At least she looks big with Nana holding her.)

  2. That last picture of Gigi! Oh, my! :D

  3. Cheetah is getting so big!! Happy Thanksgiving!



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