Saturday, October 15, 2011

Somewhere Over The Rainbow...a picture overload :)

When we first moved in out new house the former owner told me about a group she belonged to.  It was MOPS or Mother's of Preschool.  I'd never heard of the group but she seemed so enthusiastic about that I ended up joining.  Twice a month I meet at a large church in my neighborhood with 90 other mothers.  Our children are split up by age and play together in large, clean, toy filled rooms where they sing and are taught a bible story.  We have been split into tables of nine that sit together every meeting.  We eat a brunch, we share mothering advice, we do crafts, play games, listen to speakers, pray together, cry together, etc.  We even have secret sisters.  It is all the things I love about Relief Society combined into an every two week occasion plus some!  Besides the formal twice monthly meetings we have lots of other play groups.  For someone new in a town it is a major blessing.  This last week one of my table mates invited a bunch of families out to her parent's home for an old fashion hayride.  My kids were so excited about it, and when it looked like rain they were so disappointed it might be cancelled.  Luckily for them the party went ahead as scheduled and we even got a rainbow for our troubles :)  I took a boat load of pictures and never got the one I hoped for, all three of my children looking at the camera, smiling for a great fall shot.  Oh well.  If you find one you enjoy in the bunch, let me know which one!
This giant rainbow was over is probably a sign that I am on the internet way to often  but I kept hearing this song over and over in my head...

Jamie's dad is a family practice doctor.  Right after residency he bought this home and some ponies.  30 years later he still has a barn full of ponies and spent two hours taking kids for rides on them.  My kiddos were in HEAVEN!  GIGI loves horses.  I wish I had the time and money to get her into riding lessons.  Doesn't she just look like she'd make a lovely rodeo queen?  As for us, Dr. J and I were like, "Oh thank heaven's, there is hope after residency."  Hopefully someday in the future we can be the most awesome grandparents ever, just like Jamie's dad.

The kids had a fun time hiding behind these trees, trying to scare other kids on the hayride.  It wasn't really scary but it was cute to see.

Jamie's parent's have a little oval track and train on their property.  My kids loved it.  Peach probably rode the oval track 50 times.

Peach gets in on the horseback riding.  Only two years old but she rode like a pro.  When other mom's saw her up there they brought their little ones over for a ride as well.

Hayride...Captain E was so excited about this part.  This was the highlight of the night for E!

The train really just had an on switch but the kids loved being the one who got to drive it!

Gigi got a little crazy on the hayride.  I wish I could capture their personalities and hold onto them in my heart forever!

This is probably my favorite picture of the two kids.  I tried to get Peach in there but of course she wouldn't comply!  Kid pics for me are impossible!

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