Friday, October 21, 2011

Premature Birth Plan - Day 5

5 days since rupture.  28 weeks and 6 or 7 days...trying to get a nurse to look it up for me, so it might actually be 29 weeks! Still pregnant here!  Fluid is leaking, so it hasn't sealed off but no sign of infection and no contractions.  I hadn't had any fluid leak for two days so yesterday I decided to wear regular undies without a pad.  I am so paranoid about getting a dreaded yeast infection, but since I'm leaking again I'm back to pads.  I talked with the OB about it because I thought there was a risk that a yeast infection could cause a problem.  OB said it was OK  that I'd just have to take a anti-fungal pill.  I know this is probably TMI but it was a great release of tension for me.  Baby's heart beat is looking strong.  I don't know how comfortable it can be to be in that womb without the cushion of amniotic fluid but baby is still moving quite a ton.  When I go to triage at night to do my test strips it is almost impossible to get a good reading because baby is kicking and twisting!  Speaking of triage I'm a desperately starting to miss my ipod.  I managed to misplace it several months ago and never got around to looking since I'd been so busy with my itouch.  Now I'm missing it.  You get all types of patients here and some of their situations are frustrating to hear, even just as a patient in the curtain room next door.  Mom's on drugs, mom's who want to run off to smoke while they are in active labor, all types.  Like I said, I miss my IPOD!  Today was a fun day.  My MOPS group sent these beauties and they are truly lovely!  The nurses are keeping me in a steady supply of ice, ice water, and cherry Popsicles.  My friend Stacy came by to see me with pumpkin chocolate cookies.  My insurance agent called and chatted for 1/2 hour.  A friend who moved to Texas gave me a call today.  Two of my nurses from earlier in the week came by to see me today one bringing me a calendar and markers so I could mark down the weeks better and some activities.  I got to see Dr. J for an hour before he headed home and best of all Gigi was better today so my kids came for an hour.  Holy cow how are kids so resilient?  Sure Peach sat on my bed the whole time but everyone was just happy to see me, not clingy or grouchy.  They were well feed, clean, and happy.  What more could a mom hope for?  They were also cute.  Grandma said last night Gigi prayed to Jesus that he would take the bad germs out of her body so that she could come and see her mom.  I mean how like I said, adorable!  I'd ordered some Sierra Mist and they just thought they were the coolest drinking soda pop and getting ice from my little pink ice cups.  The those get a  lot of action.  I drink a ton of water here and eat a ton of ice!  When the nurses ask me if I want anything to drink I always get fresh ice.  Tomorrow I'm going to clock how many times I have to refill them.  I had an orange and banana from the morning and they thought it was fun to eat that.  Then they had fun eating my crinkle fries off my tray.  Kids :)  So I'm showering, but I still haven't managed to get my deodorant here, a bra, or tweezers so if you come in to see me be forewarned....not looking my prettiest.  I guess though we can just be grateful my hair doesn't smell!  Thank goodness for shampoo and conditioner!

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  1. I'm thinking of you every day! Wish I could visit but you're in my thoughts and prayers and heart.



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