Saturday, October 22, 2011

Premature Birth Plan - Day 6

Day six in the hospital, baby 29 weeks.  I can't believe I've been here almost a full week.  How is that even possible?  This morning I had a little bit of a scare, I was losing more fluid and then I started feeling a little crampy.  Of course I freak.  Sure it wasn't contractions but when you are in the hospital on preterm labor watch it just is a little scary.  I had told Dr. J about the fluid when I called him this morning at 5 but I did want to say anything about the cramps until I knew more.  My nurse came in to help me even though she was on her break.  She got the OB and they took a peak with a speculum and bright fingers that could introduce infection.  Talk about lack of modesty!  My private parts were literally in the spotlight!  But it was worth it because all three of us felt relief that my cervix weren't dilated at all.  Then they sent me to triage to make sure I wasn't having any contractions.  It was definitely a relief!  I felt bad for being so jumpy and overreacting but the ob said she would prefer to do that 100 times over then have me say nothing and walk in after me struggling for hours, take a peak and have a foot hanging out.  Apparently that occasionally happens.  Besides that my day has been fairly uneventful.  I've spent a lot of time watching a TV show about owners tho are killed by their deadly animals.  I think I'm interested because of the the man in Ohio who released all his deadly animals and then killed himself.  Turns out there are more tigers living in captivity in the United States then in the wild in the rest of the world.  Most of them aren't in zoo's but are instead in the hands of private owners, breeders, small mom and pop cat organizations, people who just want them as pets.  Seriously scary!  Then my friends Erin and Hillary showed up.  They brought gifts, deodorant, tweezers, activity books, and books to read :)  I'm so excited and the nurses probably will be as well.  It was so fun to have friends to talk to and they were here long enough that we were able to talk about stuff besides me sitting in this bed.  It was nice to have something normal.  My mother-in-law called me today to get things set up for Halloween, costumes for the kids, pumpkins, Halloween bags.  I love holidays.  It's one of the great joys in my life that part of being a family and a mother is the opportunity to do traditions, to celebrate holidays, to make fun times fun for you children.  I definitely am missing it but am thankful I was able to finish ordering captain E's costume from home.  It makes me feel like I got to contribute in some way :)  Thank heavens for the internet although I do try to stay way from to much online shopping...a bored girl, the internet, and credit card could cause quite a problem if one isn't careful!

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  1. Haha, I'd probably be tempted to hit up Amazon if I were sitting in the hospital, too! :-) I love holidays, and I totally remember so much of what my mom did to make holidays special. I know your kids will, too!



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