Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Premature Birth Plan - Day 10

Today in Triage...a dehydrated teenager 7 months pregnant freaks out when she has to receive a bag of fluid.  "Ow, ow, ow, ow it hurts so much, it hurts so much.  She's trying to kill me.  I swear that white witch is trying to kill me.  Help me, help me, help me!  The nurse is killing me.  I feel funny, I feel funny.  I'm freezing, I'm freezing.  Why am I freezing?"  I have to say it was actually kind of funny.  I mean I'm with her, IV fluid is kind of creepy, coldness creeping up your arm...definitely not the best feeling ever.  That being said wow drama queen.  I wish I could sit outside her room for a bit two months from now :)  And I also saw why the nurses fight over me.  I'm not going to say I never say ow, but I don't accuse the nurses of trying to hurt me on purpose.  I realize they are just trying to do their jobs and for the most part they are trying their hardest to make it go as smoothly as possible for you.  Well at least usually, today I was a little bummed about my glucose test.  Yesterday they took three tubes of blood, one was suppose to start my glucose test, but then they didn't give me the "orange drink of death".  Today they did the whole test right but when it came time to get the results the lab first said they couldn't find them and then accused the nurse of putting them in the wrong type of vial.  So now tomorrow I have to do the glucose test again.  Oh blah!  That drink makes me want to puke.  I'd like to refuse it but because of my altered state it really isn't an option. Speaking of altered state, today I asked my resident gynecologist if it was really medically necessary for me to be here.  I think it was my sleepless night.  Something about not seeing the sun, I'm actually starting to lose my grip on time.  Last night I turned the lights off and just lay in bed.  Finally I got up to go to the bathroom turned the lights on and realized I'd been laying in bed tossing and turning all night.  It was 4:10 in the morning!  I also am losing track of the days.  I was sure tomorrow was going to be Wednesday but I couldn't get around the fact that I knew Dr. J had to pick Captain E up early today and that Gigi had gymnastics.  I kept telling myself, "No those are Wednesday things."  But in my mind Wednesday is still tomorrow.  Like I said, losing track.  So anyway in my crazy state today I asked the resident if I could go home.  "Well she said, do you have a way that we can monitor the baby at home and get the baby out in 5 minutes if we need to?"  This she of course said with a little smile.  "Um, no," I replied while looking at my toes.  "Well sweetie, I'm sorry to say you're going to have to stay."  You think that would have deterred me but when the head OB came by later I asked her as well.  She just chuckled and said, "I wish you could but the maternal fetal high risk doctor insist you stay.  None of the rest of us have any choice in the matter.  Plus can you honestly tell me that you would stay in bed with three little kids running around, honestly?"  Well I don't know if I could honestly tell her that but today I certainly would have been willing to tell it to her, even if it wasn't honest....that's right folks I'm on a sliding slope ;)  


  1. Wow Crys, you made it 10 days! I only made it 9 in the hospital! Way to go. I am so sorry you have to be there now. Hold on! Wish I was there to come visit! Oh and I can't believe that teenager-- another reasons why teens should not have babies.

  2. Trav and I were just talking about how difficult being in the hospital for an extended time must be, and the bed rest. Sounds like you are toughing it out pretty well considering. I wish I was there to do some crafting with you. Actually, I can send you some yarn and crochet needles or bead stuff if you want to make some jewelry. I need your address. Maybe if I sent it to your house Grandma or J could bring it to you. Plus, I have some books you might enjoy reading also. Just a general care package.

  3. Hang in there, Crys. I love these daily updates and surely they help you keep some sanity. Write a book while you're in there. Seriously, you are such a good writer.

  4. That must be so hard to be inside all day - argh! You're doing a fabulous job, even if you don't know Tuesday from Wednesday (I never do when I am sick for more than one day), the fact that you're staying positive and pleasant to the staff is awesome. Keep on!



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