Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Premature Birth Plan - Day 9

Still prego but unsure on the days...today nurse said 29 weeks 3 days.  I have no idea, and not that it really matters since I still have an 80% chance of having this baby in the next 5 days, but, as of this moment, I'm still preggo! I still don't have contractions, and I still don't have an infection!  So the point is I'm in the best position possible but I guess I really shouldn't worry too much about the day that this baby will be born because who knows if we will even make it there.  I had a fun day today.  This morning Dr. J came by to see me.  We were sitting in bed together when my rounding nurse Karen came by.  She teased me that if I'd been in bed with a different doctor we'd have had to have a talk after he left.  Then when I got back from having the baby monitored my mother in law, Peach and Gigi were here.  Funny little girls both crawled up on my bed, starting feed each other lucky charms, and asked me to turn cartoons on.  There eyes never strayed from there but neither did their bodies stray from my lap.  It feels so good to cuddle my children.  I of course am cursed with the blinders of a mama but I can't think of three kids I'd rather be the mother of.  Gigi brought me a card she's done for me.  It is amazing to me how good her writing is getting.  For two straight years I worried constantly about this girl and if she would be prepared for school.  Now not only do I know she is going to be ready but I'm confident that she is going to enjoy it and do well.  Grandma also brought me mail to sort through and then she had a fun time chatting with my nurse about where to get her fake eyelashes updated and her nails done.  So if anyone in town is curious about where to go to be a well maintained lady, I now know :)  I also had two of the mops girls come.  They brought pizza for lunch which was a welcomed break from hospital food and cupcakes and snickers for any visitors who come by later.  They had their two toddlers and it was fun watching the girls.  Definitely a good day, although in some ways a little hard.  These little visits bring so much joy, that there is always a down when you find yourself alone again :)  It is a weird little roller coaster of emotion...compare that to the days when no one comes.  You are just sort of at a general low.  So no high peak, but then no low either. That being said I'd still take the visit over no visit any day!  It's actually has just been overwhelming how many people have stepped up to take care of my family and have made it a point to keep my spirits up. My whole life I've taken pride in the fact that I can do it on my own.  I've always felt like if I couldn't do it on my own then it shouldn't be done at all.  Rarely do I ever want to ask for help and here I find myself in a position where I have no choice.  There is absolutely no way that Dr. J and I could do this alone.  We have become so vulnerable and yet instead of finding ourselves in a bad spot we have found ourselves completely propped up buy all the love and care.  It is an uncomfortable place for me to be, but I've definitely been eased by how freely the outpouring has been.  I just feel like my family is surrounded by angels!


  1. Of course you are surrounded by angels! That's what you get for being such an amazing friend and person.

    "If you live up to your privileges, the angels cannot be restrained from being your associates." - Joseph Smith Jr.

    Thank you, everybody who is taking care of this sweet family!

    I'd totally help out if I was there, but...I'm not. So, I'll just keep blogging to give you something to read, okay, C? :D

  2. Hang in there, the extra days will pay off in the end once you see that amazing little person :) Blessings to you from our MOPS group!
    amy steinhofer



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