Friday, October 14, 2011

So we had a dog...

...for one week.  The problem with going to Petsmart on the pet adopt day is that you might just run into a cutie like this.  Oh was a he cute, baby blue eyes, floppy ears, best personality I've ever seen in a dog.  The only problem, he was a pit mix.  I thought I could handle it.  I talked with all the people at the pet store and they told me it is owner, not breed.  The vet tech agreed.  Turns out our home owners insurance didn't.  Within a three days of me calling them to tell them we had a new puppy they had sent us a letter telling us they were going to cancel our home owners insurance.  We were able to find one company that would be willing to take the chance, but even then they couldn't guarantee they could in every state.  Turns out Ohio has laws that prevent insurers from insuring any type of pit or pit mix.  Turns out some HOA's have rules against owning them.  Turns out the Friday after we bought him three pit bulls killed a baby girl.  Do I think this little guy ever would have bit a person?  Absolutely not.  I have never seen a dog with such a good disposition.  That being said, I started to worry.  What if after he went through puberty he didn't like other dogs or other cats.  I am a high anxiety person and this situation with the insurance company, with the possibility of HOA's, with my worries about possibly other neighbors animals, well the stress just overcame me.  I couldn't sleep at night,  I couldn't eat,  I started having pregnancy nausea again and was throwing up again, I was crying all the time. At 25 weeks of pregnancy I lost ten pounds in one week.  And so our poor little puppy had to go back to find another owner.  He needed a non spaz case who wouldn't turn him into a spaz dog.  It was hard.  We all cried a little although the kids instantly forgave me they were a little sad.  Do we want another dog?  Absolutely.  But we will be waiting until this baby shows it's little face, because mom can't deal with this kind of stress.  And we will definitely be checking with our insurance first, because it turns out there is a list of 7 to 10 dog breeds that most home owners insurance companies don't cover.  Good to know info before you get a do.  

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