Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Premature Birth Plan - Day 3

 My new home for the next 5 1/2 weeks...everyone keep keep their fingers crossed.  There are some major pluses to be here.  Number 1, this bed is 100 times more comfortable then the one in the labor room.  No more metal poles poking in my body!  My window looks out into a courtyard of nothing, just a planet sculpture.  Apparently if I get bored they can more me to another room where I can look out over the interstate.  Let's hope it doesn't get to that point :)  Number 2, I have a lot less monitoring in this room, so I'm not being woken up every two hours.  Number 3, they've now moved me to only have to have two, one hour strips of monitoring done a day, and because they don't monitor in this room, I get two field trips to triage floor a day.  Granted I have to go in a wheel chair, granted it looks just about the same as every other room in this hospital, but it is out of this room and I gosh darn it I'm determined to enjoy it!   Number 4, this is where all the health moms and new babies stay.  I can see the nursery from the hall and I can hear the new babies crying from my room.  Even though this is so far from ideal it does fill my heart with a little bit of excitement.  It just has such a positive feel.  Number 5, these nurses are obsessed with snacks and they bring me fun things to eat...granted considering I'm not moving hardly at all snacks are not a high priority but it is still sweet.

 Speaking of snacks my mops friend Jamie came by to give me a little company.  She brought me these  yummy cookies.  In general I have to say I'm a chocolate chip kind of girl but these cookies were delish!  I mean seriously, they had carmalized on the bottom and were so crunchy and sweet.  Let's just say it was a miracle I only two.  She also brought me some black bean soup.  It was so good...nice to have some variety from hospital food.

Speaking of hospital food, here you go.  The nurses say you can't eat anything here until you put salt on it.  I'm pretty sure they are right.  I've been ordering salad and fruit like crazy trying to keep things regular. Dr. J is the one that ate that cake.  He stopped by to see me before he drove home tonight.  He's on his first day of peds and he spent his day seeing newborns.  He even got to change four diapers, because in the world of babies, you find it, you change it.  Actually the nurse here told us the doctors usually say they are too busy to change them and makes the nurses do it, but my hubby doesn't mind get his hands a little dirty.  How I love that man.  Ten years ago he came to my house to study some o'chem.  At the time he was just a boy who sat behind me who I did a little flirting with.  I told my roommates after he left that he was the boy I was going to marry.  I was totally joking at the time but the words ended up being my future and I have never regretted that decision.  

 They let me take showers now.  Oh my goodness does a shower feel good after a couple of days of nothing.  I also can wear "normal" clothes, so I'm going to squeeze myself in to gaucho pants and a t-shirt tomorrow.  Can I just say I'm so excited for that change of scenery.  Hospital gowns just aren't the most flattering :)
And this is pretty much how the nurses find me every time they walk in, just chilling, eating my ice chips.  Doing great, no swelling, no fever, and so far no infection.  Desperately missing my babies but excited they are coming in to see me this weekend!!!!!


  1. I look forward to reading your updates everyday and see how you are doing. Glad things are going well for you, and that you are able to be doing a few more things. Enjoy your kids this weekend, I'm sure they miss you tons too.

  2. Yay for diaper changing men! Aren't they great? Wish I could come visit you! I would bring you good books to read.



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