Thursday, October 27, 2011

Premature Birth Plan - Day 11

I FAILED MY TEST!  WHAT????  I mean what is the deal with me this pregnancy?  Seriously if I was at home I'd probably throw my Hypnobabies out the window.  I am so used to being able to "trust my body", and now it's like my body is saying, "Forget everything you thought you knew about me, it is a whole new ball game now baby!"  It just adds on more worry.  After having three kids I felt like I knew what to expect when it came to childbirth...or at least I used to feel like I knew.  It is scary to be in the unknown. I'm an anxiety girl!  The last thing I need is real things to have anxiety about, I make up sufficient numbers of things to have anxiety about...I don't need REAL STUFF!  Ahhh, so back to my test, there is a chance that the steroids they gave me to prepare the babies lung have thrown me off.  So I have one week for my body to get it together and then I have to take another glucose test.  If I don't pass, I'll them be put on a restricted diet.  How am I going to make it without ice cream?  And Andrea come and have a taco date with me before I get put in dietary jail along with residential jail!  I also had a bad spot today when I went looking for research on "resealing of the amniotic sac".  I had this little hope in the back of my mind that might be a possibility, and that if by chance that happened the doctor might be more likely to be willing to let me leave as I got closer to the cut off date.  I think I had my hopes up because I had a bunch of people saying to me, "Well can't it just reseal itself and refill?"  Some claiming they'd heard of people that had happened to.  So being the little former scientist I went looking for studies and it turns out that there is a percentage of woman that do have their sacs reseal and refill....and for woman whose sacks rupture between 26 to 34 weeks that magic percentage is around 2.6%.  So yeah that is pretty much out!  Next time my mother-in-law goes Walmart I will definitely have her pick up the long squarish version of the knifty knitter because today it became glaringly obvious to me that my own far fetched hope of getting out of here had an almost zero chance of happening.  I guess I can thank the internet for that reality check, or curse it.  The positives on my day...still can eat what I want so I'm enjoying crunching on some homemade granola.  I saw my kids today.  They are so cute.  I always enjoy getting an opportunity to be with them.  Captain E brought his new Rippley's Believe it or Not book.  Between that and Genius World Records books I don't think there is better reading material for an almost eight year old boy.  He didn't seem that interested but when we opened it up and started reading some of the inserts he got so excited.  I told him to bring the book back next time he comes to visit and show me the craziest thing in the book.  I think he's going to have a good time looking.  G-bear brought the cutest book about little baby owl's waiting for their mama to come home...a sweet little book from a sweet little girl.  Peach is just a little sweetie.  Her potty training is going great.  Thank you grandma!  Grandma also has organized all the toys and is traded out the clothes in the dressers.  How will I live without Grandma :)  The only funny thing about when Dr. J came by he told me about all the awesome things Grandma is doing but then he mentioned that Grandma makes a lunch for him everyday when she is making lunch for Captain E...and apparently she puts oranges in the bag already peeled, and apples already sliced.  He said, "It feels like my mom is my mom again."  And then he started laughing because the statement was just that silly.  Got to love Grandma :)


  1. I just want you to know that even if I don't comment on every post, I am reading every post! Hang in there and thanks for the updates.

  2. i hope you pass next week! hang in there!

  3. Hi Crystal! I just spent the last few minutes reading all of your premature birth plan posts. SAD! I'm so sorry that this has happened! What a trooper you are though! I am impressed that even while you share the truth and how much it stinks, that you always have a positive note and blessings to remember/lessons learned etc. I hope your beautiful baby stays in there as long as possible! Can I call you sometime? Email me your phone # and we can chat. I'd love to be a distraction for you for at least a few minutes :)



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