Monday, October 17, 2011

Premature Birth Plan - Day 1

How much TV is it possible for one person to watch?  Dr. J brought me some books but I've had the TV going a lot more then I'd prefer to admit.  It keeps my mind off things, and the truth is things are something I just don't want to think about.  I had to sign papers this morning to give them permission to give me an emergency c-section.  The baby has turned breach and while it managed to turn last night they said that with so little fluid they just don't know how many more times it can do that.  All I can say is pray!  It can feel overwhelming sometimes.  I went from no risk pregnancy to super high risk.  I went from natural birth plan to a high risk of emergency c-section.  Won't know until we get there, and the decision is entirely up to the anesthesiology.  I saw the a slew of doctors today and got a second ultrasound.  Baby is still doing good.  They estimate baby weight at 2lbs 10 ounces.  Strong heart, strong kidneys, the liver looks good.  Our goal, 34 weeks, Thanksgiving weekend.  Dr. J talked with his department chair today.  Here are our choices.  Someone takes care of our children and Dr. J continues on, Dr. J takes his yearly time off and then switches to an elective rotation, Dr. J takes off a month or two for family leave.  It is unpaid and he'd have to make it up at the end of his residency.  Big decisions to make.  We are waiting until his mother gets here and we know how long she can stay before we make up our minds.  The nurses at the hospital are so nice and I think because they feel bad for me they spend an extra amount of time in my room chatting me up.  I talked about Buffy and Angel with my resident at four in the morning.  My night nurse kept me laughing with conversations about Sister Wives.  My day nurse has a dance studio and takes birth/baby photos as a side job.  Turns out she's bought a birthing manual my friend and neighbor wrote and stalks her do I!  My neonatal doctor chatted me up about my husband's residency.  My high risk pregnancy doctor kept me laughing with stories about choir, his parents who were horrible cooks, his children, and his southern wife.  I've talked with friends from church and mops.  So many people are offering and giving help.  I feel so lucky to have so many great friends.  Once I get the kid situation figured out I can fully submit myself to chore of just waiting.  I'm grateful to have the laptop.  I think I'll ask Dr. J to bring my guitar so that maybe I can actually start learning to play the thing.  I've contemplate learning to knit.  It would keep my hands busy.  Maybe baby hats.  Tomorrow I'll be able to move to postnatal recovery side.  Better rooms I hear, music therapy, possibly message.  I miss my children so much and I feel helpless not to be taking care of them.  I think there is a lesson for me to learn.  I wish I could just figure it out and move on with my life.  Maybe that is the lesson, patience.  I've never been good with patience or apparently productivity :)  


  1. I am thinking of you! I'm glad to hear that the doctors and nurses are taking care of you and entertaining you....sounds like you're in good hands.

  2. Keep that baby cooking! You're such a trooper, seriously! And you should learn to knit—counting stitches is very therapeutic, I find. Learning to play the guitar sounds like fun, too. Best of luck. :)



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