Friday, October 28, 2011

Premature Birth Plan - Day 12

Today in Triage...two woman got into a moaning contest and actually yelled at one another.  I kid you not!  One was 35 weeks along, contracting but not dilating at all.  I don't know much about the other although I'm fairly certain I saw her mother the night before and if that is true then she had been their forever.  I think sometimes there is the belief that doctors are always trying to medical up everything, but in these cases neither the doctors nor the nurses wanted to admit these woman.  One of the woman said to the doctor, "look I'm having contractions, I'm in labor."  And the nurse in the room said "Sweetie labor if when uterine contractions result in cervical effacement and dilation.  We've been watching you for hours, you are not dilating.  We've been monitoring the baby and she is fine.  We are fairly certain these are just braxton hicks preparing your body for labor."  After they left her bed they went across and said almost the same thing to the girl in the bed across the room.  And then they started moaning.  I mean loud, crying, begging for help, begging for nurses, begging for mama, swear words, and the lords name being thrown all over the place.  Sometimes they would moan together, sometimes one would moan something, and there would repeat it, sometimes they would actually yell at each other.  After what seemed like forever the doctor finally came back and admitted both of them for evaluation.  At which point one of them stopped and started asking why they just weren't going to go straight for a c-section since she was obviously in pain and she wanted it to stop.  The doctor said, "you know we are admitting you for observation and that's all I'm going to promise."  I can't help but think they just wanted to separate the two and get them in some private rooms.  Meanwhile I was frantically looking for my call button because I was positive it was long passed my time to get out of there and I wanted freedom from the madness! Besides that my day has been fairly uneventful.  I played my first computer game today.  So far I've avoided it. With almost two weeks under my belt I just needed some variety.  I've also started to get a back ache.  Who knew sitting on my bum day and night was going to end painfully.  I seriously need to find a massage therapist who will make hospital visit calls.  That could help the time go by :).  For now it is Tylenol and heat packs.  Bummed out I'm missing the trunk-or-treat today.  My kids were so excited to put their Halloween costumes on.  I can't wait to see the pictures!  


  1. Aww, wish you could be there with the kiddos. If I lived there I'd come challenge you to a game of scrabble or something. Hope you have a restful, yelling-neighbors-free weekend!

  2. Goodness gracious. It doesn't surprise me though. The other day there was a comment on my friends FB status referring to the fact that she was almost due and dilated to 4 cm. The person commented that she should just go to the ER complaining of pain and see if they'd admit her...she was 4 cm after all. And the friend said that's what she had done with one of hers and it worked. I just had to shake my head...since when did we become so distrustful of our bodies? Obviously things were progressing but with no labor signs why would she go in besides just being impatient? We women can be crazy and it's's not always the doctors pushing inductions or c sections...I think often it's us! my soap box. I hope you can find a good masseuse soon!!!

  3. I also hate that these women ruin it for the rest of us. The nurses are less likely to trust you when you say there is a problem because of all these nut cases.

    As a side note, I am a closet Nancy Drew obsessed fan and they have some really fun Nancy Drew computer games. You'd think they'd be really easy, but the last one I played was crazy with a lot of Sudoku puzzles etc. I actually screamed at the end of the game because it freaked me out. I think it was called Shadow at the Water's Edge. You can get them from the library or download them straight from the internet. And now I will go back in my closet.




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