Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 13 Alone

Today I didn't:
keep it together church
1) Saving grace Captain E...he kept it together, colored nice, and was quiet the two times I had to take the girls who were both horrible out.  When one of them wants to be evil I swear they feed off each other.  I swear the hardest part about going to church alone is the stress of "When are the kids going to misbehave?"  "What are they going to do?"  That stress just builds and builds.  Missionaries sitting behind me with the investigators, I know you are just doing your job but you were not helping.  Every time Gigi screamed out I thought, "People can't hear, be quiet girl." 
2) I cried today in Relief Society when I was making a comment...I mean ugly cry.  Oh it was horrible.  
Dr J is my rock, seriously.  I was the worst moody teenager.  Dr. J steadied me.  I miss him!!! 

Today I:
vacuumed, did dishes, finished washing clothes, picked up the floor  in general I'm not a pick up on Sunday kind of girl.  Alright if I'm honest I'm not a pick up on the weekend kind of girl, which usually explains why Monday is like the day my house threw up day.  Totally wrapped up in Magic thoughts.  It's almost as if I've convinced myself that as long as the floor is vacuumed I'll be fine.  I might be crazy.
had Captain E pass out the Halloween candy, he had a blast!!!!
gave my hair a coconut oil rinse.  AWESOME!!!  It hasn't been that shiny and dark in years and it smelled good enough to eat
ate some of that Live Granola I made...ick, the pain with recipes is finding the ones that work for you

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  1. oh great. the recipe isn't great? i'm soaking the stuff right now. eeerrrrrr.



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