Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 1

My first day home alone.  Mom 0 - Peach 1!  I've been trying to teach my youngest daughter to go to sleep on her own.  After an hour scream fit my other two children begged me to get her out of the room.  Apparently they just couldn't fall asleep with her screaming.  Go figure.  Now she's dancing to the credit song on Independent Lens.  Fab!  I lost!!!!  I wish she'd go to sleep.  Really, I'd appreciate some down time.  Yesterday was a crazy day.  How do you get three kids, three car seats, two bags, and a guitar 1500 miles in a day?  A plane and a prayer.  My mother-in-law got me to the gate, my son got my guitar on the plane, my quick thinking and wit kept my kids entertained for three hours, my exhaustion made me chill while I was getting the luggage and rental car, my husband's voice kept me calm while I tried to find the key to drive the Prius (turns out there isn't one and hello best gas mileage I've ever seen!!!!), my mother and sister kept me entertained while I drove three hours home, my neighbor helped me return the car this morning.  All and all it was a miracle.

Today I Didn't:
get the kids to school
take the trash out
put the kid's clothes away
do personal scripture study
keep my cool and not yell
eat the kid's donuts

Today I:
went to the grocery store and restocked the fridge
cleaned the living room and vacuumed
remembered to take GG to speech
made roasted chicken, brown rice, and mushrooms
ate a salad
set my guitar up
unpacked most of the bags
had scripture study with the kids, they wanted stories about babies so we did King Solomon and the baby cutting as well as Abraham and Sarah
finally got Peach to sleep

We also watched "Where the Wild Things Are."  Can I just say YUCK!  That was completely not a kid movie.  As an adult movie...well I felt horrible after it was over.

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  1. I'm so glad you survived the harrowing trip home. Big sigh of relief. At least you didn't do something really stupid, like, say, forget your diaper bag/purse. :) I completely agree with your assessment of Where the Wild Things Are. It was SO depressing. We rented it one day when Brooklyn was home sick, and everyone had trouble sleeping that night.



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