Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 8 Alone

Today I didn't:
feel bad about not doing more PTA stuff.  You know those clicky girls from grade school, junior high, and high school?  Well apparently they grow up and are still clicky as PTA moms.  Thanks ladies for kicking me off the table because you needed it for PTA volunteers.  I noticed that you only had you friends sit there and that my friend who was volunteering came and sat over by me.  Thanks.  You've made it easy for me.  Now instead of feeling guilt for not doing my PTA duties I can just think, "Uh those women are ick.  I'd rather not go."  For a guilt ridden person like me that is actually a relief.
do the dishes...things are getting desperate on that front
run right upstairs to stop my crying baby.  She's started this thing where she wakes up at eleven or so every night.  She will not self comfort.  I don't know what to do.

Today I:
Ran Captain E to school, ran Gigi to preschool, took Peach to my friend Erika to be babysat, ran back to E's school to do my volunteer work, ran back to Erika's to pick up Peach, went back to Preschool to get Gigi picking up subs on the way, ran back to Captain E's school for "special friend lunch", went home for a brief rest, ran Gigi to speech, then raced back to E's school to pick him up from school.  Luckily my bad night ended then.  My friend Linda invited us over for dinner.  She cooked tacos for me and then kids and after dinner our kids decorated Halloween Spooky Houses, while we talked politics and conference talks.  She is one of the few people who knows my true feelings about politics, both governmental and church.  It is always refreshing to spend time with her and I was definitely grateful for the company and the dinner!  Now I have to run because Peach is still crying.

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