Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 3 Alone

Target Steal-I almost hate to mention this because it seems like Target has no hard and fast rules but today when I was there they were practically giving there towels away.  $1.24 for a full sized towel, $.98 for hand towels.  It was a steal of a deal.  I snagged two different colors for our future guest bathroom, lets hope they match, and four new white towels.  I love white towels, I can't help it.  Peach continues to gain more words.  "Up, hot, and Grace."  Captain E had a much better day at school today.  Thank you cold lunch.  Gigi was a happy girl at preschool today.  We did have one small fight tonight.  Gigi is hording baby dolls.  She had something like ten stuffed animals on her bed and eight baby dolls.  I requested that she give a tiny little doll back to Peach and it was a major battle.  Shesh!

Today I Didn't:
vacuum the living room
read my scripture
find young Tai coconuts, I've decided no one sells them in my town

Today I:
talked to my hubby on the phone three times, I LOVE the end of rotations!
washed dishes
cleaned the kitchen including the floor
cleared the kitchen table...FINALLY!
read with the kids
fed my sourdough starter
played outside
bought three pounds of spinach
made really great spaghetti for dinner and was very sneaky with the veggies: I baked spaghetti squash at 325 for an hour, then I cooked half the amount of regular noodles.  I mixed squash and noodles dependent on how much veggies each kid likes.  For the sauce I sauteed garlic in olive oil.  Then I added a can of diced tomatoes with petite onions.  I blended the concoction so Captain E wouldn't know there were onions in it.  Then I added sauce and Italian seasoning to taste.  The kids ate and were none the wiser!!!!

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