Sunday, October 3, 2010


This year we are moving.  We have no choice.  In July, Dr. J will be starting a med/peds residency somewhere.  We know the what.  We know the when.  We just don't know the where.  It is enough to drive you just a little bit crazy!  Here are just a few of the possibilities, with some of the pluses and minuses.

Salt Lake, Utah - Positives: FAMILY! Our families would be so close and after eight years of living away this is very tempting.   We know the area.  Our kids could do at school seminary.  They would have a ton of member friends.  Negatives: The growth here is a little much for both of us.  All over they are redoing the freeways and building on all the farmland.  Family, living close you are much more likely to get into the family fights.  So many of the woman look the same.  I'm just not ready for that type of pressure.  I'm not even sure I like members ;)
Ann Arbor, Michigan Positives: Pretty.  Good school.  Good football.  Very affordable.  Negatives: COLD!  An area of the country that is is serious trouble, something like 25% unemployment.
Rochester, New York Positives: Oldest Med/Peds program.  Beautiful area.  Very affordable.  The dean of the program personally called Dr. J to invite him out.  A nice touch really.  Close to lots of stuff on the east coast.  Negatives: So far from family.  Very chilly winters.  TONS OF SNOW!
New Orleans, Louisiana Positives: Warm.  I've always wanted to visit New Orleans.  Negatives: Wanting to visit a place doesn't mean you actually want to live there.  That whole thing called Katrina. 
Nashville, Tennessee Positives: Warmer.  Green.  Affordable.  I actually have friends who live in the area.  Negatives: That whole fold thing this year.  1) lots of houses in the area need flood work.  2) Apparently no one in the country even cares you exist.
Houston, Texas Positives: Warm.  Very green.  Good Mexican food.  Closer to the family than the east.  Negatives: Still very far from family.  Humid.  Hot.
Phoenix, Arizona Positives: No snow.  Closer to family.  Negatives: Huge.  Hot!
Chicago, Illinois Positives: Close to airport, Costco, temple.  Move close so cheaper.  Three different programs he is interviewing at.  Negatives: Huge city.  Houses are expensive.  Bad commutes.  COLD!
St. Louis, Missouri Positives: Trader Joe's.  Warmer than Illinois.  Green.  Temple.  Free Zoo.  Negatives: Program seems a little off.
Columbus, Ohio Positives: Very affordable.  A big program.  They pay for your move.  A really nice new peds hospital.  A temple  Good football.  Negatives: Football is a little over the top :)  Further from home.

There are a few other programs but off the top of my head I just can't think who they are.  Wow this will be a crazy year!


  1. I think you could guess that my vote is for Rochester. I can understand why they do the "match date" procedure for medical school but it sure does seem a little crazy for families planning for the future. p.s. My vote is subject to change depending on where we move...

  2. Ann Arbor is a great place! And they do have a great hospital. Aren't you in Illinois or somewhere around there right now? It's not that much colder in Ann Arbor.



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