Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 5 Alone

All alone, I took the kids to a Halloween Party at my church.  I'm not going to say this is the only time I've done this.  I have this crazy perfectionist hubby who much prefers study to actual human contact.  Can I just say I love that man!  Anyway we were on are own today.  It was fun to see how into excited the kids were about their costumes.  Captain E was a black ninja.  He asked me in the car, "Mom is a black ninja good or bad?"  I told him, "Well it is up to you kiddo."  He thought about if for a second and said, "Well today I'm going to be good."  Gigi had an adorable little Bee dress.  She loved pretending she was going to give me a sting.  My kids love putting their bum on people, what can I say.  Peach was a unicorn and I wore my pjs so she could be my stuffed animal.  She was adorable.  I thought she wouldn't leaver her cap on but it turns out she loved being dressed up.  She also love trunk or treating.  She would even say thank you when prompted.  What a cutie.  I love these kiddos!!!!

Today I didn't:
ever get out of pjs; I finally took a shower at 2:00 but then I got back in new pjs for my halloween costume
clean the living room

Today I:
took my kids to the trunk or treat alone
made dinner
held down the fort with six kids at home
washed the clothes
put together the residency list for Dr. J
saw my good friend Erika, now that she is in the other ward it feels like that never happens

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