Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 9 Alone

Today I didn't:
wash dishes after dinner, they are on the counter...GROSS!
pick up the living room floor, I'm just getting tired of picking up Gigi's stuffed animals.

Today I:
made spaghetti for dinner, homemade sauce people, homemade sauce
washed the sheets
cleaned the bathrooms
helped Captain E with homework and Tae Kwon Do
went grocery shopping, got some Millet to try making Ethiopian Flat Bread
took Peach to the library where she played for two hours
Speaking of Peach the girl is word phenom.  All my friends have had these early talkers and my kids took their time, that is until Peach.  Her new words today alone are apple, bath, bag, and down.  She also loves to go mummmm and yum when she is eating stuff she loves.  Adorable!!!  Captain E still tells me he hate Tae Kwon Do and then he laughs through the whole class.  What can you do.  Gigi is growing so much.  In the car yesterday we were listening to some music and she said, "Mom can you turn the radio off so we can talk."  So funny.  On the interview front it is time to start cancelling on some of them.  With the scheduling of an interview with UNC today Dr. J now has 24 scheduled interviews.  I'm grateful and irritated all at the same time.  I wish I could wikipedia, "Where would be best for my family and my hubby for the next four years?"  Wow that would be awesome :)  On a positive note I figured out there is no way that Dr. J can drive from a San Diego interview that ends early evening on Nov 30th to Columbus, Ohio on the 2nd...which means my hubby who was going to be staying in Utah for Thanksgiving is now coming home for thanksgiving!!!!!!!!  YES!!!!!!  The negative is that San Diego ticket is going to cost 600 bucks....400 for that Sunday after Thanksgiving ticket.  Oh offs ;)

I've been really behind on pictures.  One night I made Indian Fry Bread for the kids.  I had a friend in college who used to make some great Fry Bread.  I haven't had any since than...18.  So at 29 I made some of my own.  I actually made Navajo tacos for dinner but after we put powdered sugar on them...Captain E said to me, "Why have you never made this before, it is the best thing I've ever eaten."  So there you go!

Who does Peach look like is driving me crazy trying to figure out!

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