Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 7 Alone

I'm not going to lie, if I never had to ask my kids to get ready for anything or if I never had to get anything done my life as a mother would be 100% easier.  I'm thinking the foreign service and a live in child helper would make my life so much happier, maybe one of those Mormon girls waiting for a missionary.  I can be a fun mom, and then we have to go somewhere.  It took Captain E twenty minutes to put his Tae Kwon Do uniform today, 18 of those minutes GiGi was screaming her head off because she didn't want to put shoes on.  Peach was clinging to my legs.  Seriously children give mom a break.  If you don't want to drive me nuts that is.  Dr. J did his first day at ED.  Looks like he was having a good time.  They got a refresher on stitching and splinting.  Tomorrow he has the day off and then he has three 3-11 pm shifts in a row.  Should be a blast!

Today I didn't:
clean the living room
clean the bathroom
not yell

Today I:
made dinner
got Captain E to Tae Kwon Do on time
read personal scriptures and family scripts
talked to my hubby three times...yeah!!!
bought some guitar picks
took my van to the car wash....
yup while I was waiting in the pick up line at school a lady pulled up next to me.  She motioned for me to roll my window down.  Then she asked me, "Is that your son running around your van?"  "Um, no," I said.  "Oh," the lady said, "well he's peeing on your van."  Yup fabulous.  Thank you kid.  And thank you mother who was sitting in the van behind me watching the kid do it.  I yelped out my window at him, and the kid yelped back at me and then ran away.  An actual thanks to the lady who stopped.  I mean seriously the kid shouldn't have been running around in the first place, peeing on the car, wow that is just ridiculous. 

I think I need a vacation.  I'm going to start planning one even though we are way, way to broke to ever take one.  Maybe I can visualize myself onto one :)

1 comment:

  1. what!?!? someone peed on your van!?!? while you were in it?!?! This is craziness! What is wrong with the world today? well, okay, not today, but Oct 25th. seriously.



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