Monday, October 4, 2010

Home Slice

So we've been living at home with my mom for nine days.  Some things are the same.  Teenagers and parents equal drama.  My mom still drags me to her classroom when she has work to do.  For some reason being at home makes me not want to make the bed.  Some things are different.  My mom barely cooks anymore.  I've made 3/4 of the meals and we went out once.  Now my sister would say this is my own fault.  She claims I have a tendency to take control of all things kitchen but I swear to you that has been out of simple necessity and not greed.  My mom is really busy trying to get caught up for parent teacher conference.  For the most part we are on our own during the day.  I've got a sister in Peru and one in Denver.  My sister in Salt Lake comes over occasionally but she's been busy with school and a trip to Denver.  My baby brother is in school and my other baby brother was in Arizona but since he got back has been sleeping until noon.  The nice thing about my mom's house though is there is a fenced in back yard and when the kids get nuts I just send them out there.  (Note to self: When looking for houses next year a fenced in back yard is a must).  In family news:
Dr. J: Is on 30 hour call every third day.  Every sixth day he gets off.  That means he spends the night every fifth day and goes back up to Salt Lake on the sixth day.  It has been nice :) 
Captain E: Loving the uncles and their toys.  Still in love with tag!!!
G bear: Yesterday nana put makeup on her and painted her nails.  They were twins.  I have to say that while I think teal eyeshadow can get a little crazy on my mom it looked so good on G.  I know, crazy mom :)  Anyway she was so proud of being Nana's twin and had to show everyone including my mom's gentleman caller. 
Peach: Every time we pass a mirror she says, "Who's that?"  So cute.

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